The Manchester Wheelers

Find out more about the book, visit our website is the place to know everything about the Twisted Wheel Club, The Blue Note Club with the Manchester Mods and their Soul scene in the city back in the 60ís. Itís the premier website for information about the Soul artists who appeared at The Brazennose Street and Whitworth Street Twisted Wheel clubs. A companion website to the Book 'The Manchester Wheelers'
The Manchester Wheelers were the fashion conscious Mods who evolved into the Soul Mods; guys who always wore suits, girls who were always smart and fashion conscious.
Record collecting was as much of a passion as going to the All-nighters at the Wheel where Amphetamines assisted All-night stamina.
The website along with the book provides an insiders history of the styles, the venues and the times that generated a weekly regime of homage to Soul music so powerful it still goes on and on to this day...
Another Manchester club that played great Soul music in the sixties was The Blue Note club in Gore Street.




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