Brazenose Wheel closed September 65 it signified the end of the Mod period too.

Dancing in one of the rooms in the club you could see through the cartwheels embedded into the walls through to the next room.


The Adabi Brothers got into Group management; Ivans Meades & The Blues Giants often appearing at the Wheel.


First All-nighter was 28th September 1963 Live acts were; Graham Bond Organisation and  Spencer Davis.


The atmosphere of the Wheel; it was a mixture of the place with its interconnecting underground rooms, the rhythm and blues music the loudness of it, the people with their secret Mod fashions and their stylish dancing. It generated a connectedness for young people that was not quite the same at other clubs.

1963 - OPENING NIGHT - Brazennose St





The Karl Denver Trio Plus Dean West and the Hellions (Dean was in fact the groups manager). Karl was a Scotsman residing in Polefield Road Blackley Manchester.

Karl Denver at Wikipedia

Fri 1st
The Hellions (Featuring Jim Capaldi)

Other Dates:

02-07-63 17-08-63
11-05-63 21-09-63
06-08-63 26-10-63
Thu 7th The Hellions
Fri 8th
Trevor Fayne, Original Phantoms

Other Dates:


Sat 9th Brent Wade
The Wanderers
Fri 15th Freddie & the Dreamers


Another local Manchester group. Freddy Garrity used to be a milkman in Moston

The groups first hit wasIf You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody’ ensuring that USA original artist; James Ray had no chance in the UK.

Their follow up hit was ‘I'm Telling You Now’ at the Wheel they did ‘Who Wears Short Shorts’ as Freddie lost his pants leaping up and down and of course they did the song ‘Jimmy Brown’- ‘three church bells, was for baby Jimmy Brown.

Then the little congregation,

Prayed for guidance from above.

Lead us not into temptation,

Bless this hour of meditation, etc…

Which almost every beat group  did at that time. In 64 they had another big hit with ‘I’m Telling You Now’.

Sat 16th

Wayne Fontana

Wayne with Coronation Street Chimneys and hair!
Ellis  aka,  Wayne Fontana a Manchester lad did ‘Hello Josephine’ (Fats Domino) ‘Road Runner’ (Bo Diddley) ‘Love Potion Number 9’ (The Coasters)
 ‘Duke Of Earl’ (Gene Chandler) in 1963
Next year in 1964  he moved on to Major Lance’s; "Um Um Um Um Um Um" The Drifters "First Taste of Love" and followed with a version of Garnet Mimms - ‘It Was Easier to Hurt Her’ after he split up with his group the Mindbenders (who went on to become bigger stars than Wayne!
So you might see how Wheelgoers soon ‘clocked’ that ‘Glyn’ amongst many others was getting his materials from the USA original artists and soon the Wheel clientele would be only accepting original soul artists but running alongside this stream of activity from the cities emerging Soul Mods was a fascination, er a LOVE for the Blues.

Other Dates:
Sun 17th
 Eddie & The Cymerons
Other Dates:
31-03-63 28-04-63
10-03-63 26-05-63
Fri 22nd

The Hollies

Another local group (Stockport) that hit it big with copy versions of American R&B and Soul recordings. No harm in that as they did quite good copies due to adding their own harmonious sound to the orioginals: First hit was ‘Stay’ By Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs’ followed by ‘Just One Look (Doris Troy) - Hollies at Wikipedia

Other Dates:


03-05-63 01-07-63
24-05-63 13-07-63

The Beatles were on just around the corner from the Brazennose St., Wheel

Saturday 22 February 1963 at the Oasis Club. We got a pass out from the Wheel (they had no band on that night… and a bunch of us stood out the back door of the Oasis and heard Paul McCartney singing ‘I’m Down’.


CHECK The M.E.N. Manchester Evening News Records at the Central Library- FOR WHO WHAT WAS ON AROUND THIS PERIOD

Sat 23rd Antones
Sun 24th Danny & The Dominators (3/- Three Shillings)
Fri 1st Dean West
The Hellions
Sat 2nd
Country Gentlemen
Other Dates:
29-03-63 17-01-64
01-06-63 23-02-64
07-07-63 05-06-64
27-07-63 21-08-64
16-08-63 13-12-64
Sun 3rd Danny & The Dominators
Fri 8th

Marty Barry and The Teenbeats

Sat 9th
The Renegades  (Birmingham) 
Other Dates:
16-03-63 28-09-63
13-04-63 12-10-63
05-05-63 08-12-63
25-05-63 28-03-64
22-06-63 20-06-64
14-07-63 13-09-94
31-08-63 31-12-64
Sun 10th Cymerones
Fri 15th
The Nashville Men
Other Dates:
05-04-63 01-09-63
26-04-63 27-09-63
02-06-63 18-10-63
29-06-63 29-11-63
20-07-63 24-12-63
Sat 16th The Renegades
Sun 17th Lee Paul & The Boys
Fri 22nd
Johnny Martin & The Tremors
Other Dates:
Sat 23rd The Hollies
Sun 24th The Hellions
Fri 29th Country Gentlemen
Sat 30th Ricky Dene & The Fantoms
Sun 31st Eddie & The Cymerons
Fri 5th The Nashville Men
Sat 6th Peter York
The Pontiacs
Terry Slade
The Pontiacs
Other Dates:
31-05-63 28-07-63
Fri 12th Frank Kelly
Sat 13th The Renegades
Sun 14th
Don Curtis,
Other Dates:
The Coasters


Little Egypt

Other Dates:
16-06-63 15-11-63
28-06-63 25-12-63
12-07-63 07-02-64
05-08-63 19-11-66
07-09-63 27-09-69
Mon 15th Deek Rivers
Big Sound
Fri 19th The Jasons
Sat 20th The Valiants
Sun 21st

The Fourmost

From Lidypool the Mersey Beat invasion group The Fourmost.
Their first single ‘Hello Little Girl’ was written for them by John Lennon and it got into the UK Top Ten at Number 9.
Next hit was ‘A Little Lovin’They did them both at the Wheel telling the audience about the new single ‘A little Lovin’ but mainly the thing remembered most was Girls, Girls, Girls, an Elvis song that they did a very long version of and with the obligatory drum solo thrown in. Almost all the groups did these tedious drum solos in those Beat days.

Fri 26th The Nashville Men
Sat 27th Sean Campbell & The Tremeloes
Sun 28th

Eddie & The Cymerons

Fri 3rd The Hollies
Sat 4th
Rhythm & Blues Inc.
(Not A Korner- C Davis but a group from Southport!)
Other Dates:
Sun 5th The Renegades
Fri 10th The Original Phantoms
Sat 11th

The Hellions

Sun 12th Johnny Martin and The Tremors
Fri 17th
Bry Martin and The Marauders

NOTHING KNOWN other than a group by that name from Tameworth or Stoke and another from Liverpool called Hienz and the Marauders

Other Dates:
17-06-63 24-05-64
26-07-63 05-07-64
30-08-63 08-11-64
22-12-63 07-03-65
26-01-64 21-11-65
Sat 18th
The Spidermen (Liverpool)
Other Dates:
17-11-63 09-02-64
30-11-63 10-07-64
Sun 19th Wayne Fontana and the Jets
Fri 24th The Hollies
Sat 25th The Renegades
Sun 26th Eddie & The Cymerons
Mon 27th The Four Just Men
Fri 31st The Pontiacs (Sheffield)


Sat 1st

Country Gentlemen

Sun 2nd The Nashville Men
Mon 3rd Mike Cadillac and Playboys
Fri 7th
The Dynachords
Other Dates:
08-09-63 25-01-64
14-12-63 14-02-64
Sat 8th The Hellions
Sun 9th The Merseybeats
Mon 10th Gay and the Guys
Fri 14th The Hollies
Sat 15th Danny Havoc and the Ventures
Sun 16th The Coasters (Don Curtis) Not the USA Coasters
Mon 17th Bry Martin and the Marauders
Fri 21st
Emperors of Rhythm
Other Dates:
25-08-63 11-10-63
Sat 22nd

The Renegades

Sun 23rd
The Beat Boys
Other Dates:
21-07-63 21-03-64
18-08-63 29-03-64
05-10-63 19-04-64
01-11-63 08-05-64
24-11-63 03-06-64
09-12-63 12-08-64
26-12-63 18-10-64
11-01-64 28-11-64
16-02-64 01-01-65
Fri 28th The Coasters (UK)
Sat 29th The Nashville Men
Sun  30th The Four Most
Mon 1st The Hollies
Fri 5th
Lance Harvey & the Statesmen
Other Dates:
02-08-63 23-08-63
Sat 6th The Pontiacs
Sun 7TH Country Gentlemen
Fri 12th The Coasters (UK)
Sat 13th The Hollies
Sun 14th The Renegades
Fri 19th
The Methods
Other Dates:
Sat 20th The Nashville Men
Sun 21st The Beat Boys
Fri 26th The Marauders
Sat 27th Country Gentlemen
Sun 28th The Pontiacs
Fri 2nd Lance Harvey and The Statesmen
Sat 3rd The Cymerons
Sun 4th The Incas
Mon 5th

Phil J Corbett and The Coasters (how many were there!)

Fri 9th Rhythm & Blues Inc. (Not A Korner- C Davis but a group from Southport!)
Sat 10th The Methods
Sun 11th The Renegades
Mon 12th The Marauders
Fri 16th

Country Gentlemen

Sat 17th The Hellions
Sun 18th The Beat Boys (Mistakenly went thinking it was the Beach Boys!)
Fri 23rd Lance Harvey and The Statesmen
Sat 24th
The Rainmakers
Other Dates:
19-10-63 09-11-63
Sun 25th

The Emperors of Rhythm

Fri 30th

The Marauders

Sat 31st The Renegades 

Spencer Davis
Spencer Davis Group - This would turn out to be a long term relationship between Spencer Davis and his group and the Twisted Wheel, were the audience took to them immediately. The voice of  15 year old Stevie Winwood quickly won over the entire audience -he reminded us of the Prince La La track (She Put The Hurt On Me) that had been playing at the Wheel.They did lots of covers of USA R&B and some blues: Leadbelly tunes (Take This Hammer’), ‘Dimples’ (JL Hooker) ‘Jump Back’ (Rufus Thomas).At later All-nighters there repertoire extended, ‘Midnight Special’’Midnight Train’, ‘Strong Love’, ‘Every Little Bit Hurts’, ‘I Can’t Stand It’ They became incredibly popular at the club. Then a
year or so later they hit us with ‘Somebody Help Me’, ‘Keep On Running’ and ‘Gimme Some Lovin’’ and these tracks written by Jackie Edwards, especially the last two became just as popular as any of the black stateside artists tracks that we highly valued. And did they record that track: INCENSE as the Anglos?

Other Dates:
28-09-63 28-11-64
19-10-63 26-12-64
26-10-63 06-02-65
26-10-63 26-03-65
23-11-63 01-05-65
14-03-64 31-07-65
16-05-64 18-09-65
08-07-64 30-10-65
18-07-64 04-12-65
26-09-64 01-01-66
14-10-94 05-03-66
Sun 1st The Nashville Men
Fri 6th The Original Phantoms
Sat 7th

The Coasters

Sun 8th The Dynachords
Mon 9th The Marauders
Fri 12th
Lance Harvey and The Kingpins 
Other Dates:
13-09-63 18-01-64
29-09-63 21-02-63
01-12-63 03-04-64
27-12-63 29-05-64
Sat 13th Lance Harvey and The Kingpins
Fri 20th
The Escorts
Other Dates:
Sat 21st The Hellions
Sun 22nd The Country Gents
Mon 23rd The Marauders
Fri 27th The Nashville Men
Sat 28th The Renegades, Spencer Davis

FIRST All-nighter                   

Sat 28th Spencer Davis - All-nighter
Graham Bond Quartet

R&B and several Jimmy Smith numbers.

Hammond organ aficionado Graham Bond ORGANization. Just look at the lineup: Ginger Baker - drums, Jack Bruce - double bass, - John McLaughlin on guitar, later replaced by Dick Heckstall-Smith on sax.

The Graham Bond Organization backed Marvin Gaye on an ITV show during his first U.K. tour in November 1964

Other Dates:
19-10-63 01-08-64
03-11-63 17-04-65
28-12-63 21-08-65
25-01-64 02-10-65
22-02-64 27-11-65
28-03-64 29-01-66
02-05-64 30-09-67
Sun 29th Lance Harvey and The Kingpins
Fri 4th

The Mojos

Known for doing the original version of "Everything's Alright" (covered by David Bowie on his Pin Ups album.

Other Dates:
Sat 5th The Beat Boys

John Mayalls Blues Breakers - All-nighter

Blues was a big thing at the first ‘Wheel’ and one of our favourites was Elmore James. John worshiped the man and was so distraught when he knew that Elmore James had died he wrote a song for him ‘MR JAMES’ and got out his harmonica and did a great wailing blues for  Elmore! He also did ‘I Keep Forgetting’ a Chuck Jackson hit in the States at the time. (Life is Just A ) SLOW TRAIN CRAWLING UP A HILL a song he wrote about going to London after Alexis Korner had got him a gig there and I'M YOUR WITCH DOCTOR ,  and the great CROCODILE WALK, were all released as 45’s.

A story went round the Wheel that when Screamin Jay Hawkins appeared at the Wheel in early 65’ John came to watch and later Screamin’ Jay gave him one of his ‘Henry’s (a skull).

Other Dates:
02-11-36 08-05-65
21-12-63 11-09-65
01-02-64 18-09-65
21-03-64 18-12-65
13-06-64 26-02-66
12-12-64 16-04-66
16-01-65 13-08-66
27-03-65 17-12-66
Sun 6th Coach trip to Derbyshire (does anyone remember Wheel Hiking trips?)
Sun 6th Gerry de Ville and The City Kings
Fri 11th Paul Stevens
Emperors of Rhythm
Sat 12th

The Renegades

Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions - All-nighter

Tom Hark by Elias and his Zig Zag Flutes (from South Africa) had been a big hit in the late fifties and the track was played quite frequently at the early days of the Brazennose Street Wheel.

Jimmy Powell released it as his first single. Another R&B influenced singer he did Buster Browns ‘Sugar Babe’ (and put it out as a single) and did ‘Fannie May’ a track that was a HUGE hit at the early Wheel.

Other Dates:
07-12-63 13-03-65
20-12-63 10-04-65
18-01-64 15-05-65
07-03-64 26-06-65
20-06-64 17-07-65
15-07-64 07-08-65
12-09-64 05-09-65
11-10-64 24-10-65
04-12-64 03-12-65
Sun 13th
Tony Kay and The Huckelberries
Other Dates:
10-01-64 08-02-64
Wed 16th Bongo Von Dort
Fri 18th The Nashville Men
Sat 19th The Rainmakers
Graham Bond Quartet - All-nighter
Spencer Davis - All-nighter
Fri 25th

The Mojos

Sat 26th The Hellions
Spencer Davis Quartet (From Birmingham) - All-nighter


Fri 1st

The Beat Boys – (See Manchester Beat)

Sat 2nd
The Avalons
Other Dates:
John Mayall’s Blues Breakers - All-nighter
Sun 3rd
The Kinks

Red velvet jackets and wearing long knee length boots the Kinks exploded onto the stage at the Twisted Wheel, with ‘You Really Got Me’
They dig Louie, Louie of course and then ripped up the place doin’ their long harmonica tune; ‘Got Love If You Want it’ - A great Show.
 Kinks Links: Wikipedia

Other Dates:
Fri 8th
Buddy Britten & the Regents
Other Dates:
13-12-63 24-12-63
Sat 9th The Rainmakers
Roadrunners - All-nighter
Fri 15th The Coasters
Sat 16th
The Whirlwinds
Other Dates:
15-12-63 07-03-64
31-12-63 30-04-64
Hogsnort Rupert - All-nighter
Sun 17th Vic and the Spidermen
Mon 18th
Rockin' Berries
Other Dates:
29-01-64 07-06-64
02-02-64 15-11-64
Fri 22nd The Mojos
Sat 23rd The Escorts
The Spencer Davis Group - All-nighter
Sun 24th The Beat Boys
Fri 29th The Nashville Men
Sat 30th

Vic and the Spidermen

Graham Bond Quartet - All-nighter
Sun 1at Lance Harvey & the Kingpins
Mon 2nd
The Redcaps
Other Dates:
06-01-64 22-03-64
03-02-64 21-06-64
Fri 6th Jeannie & the Big Guys
Sat 7th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sun 8th The Renegades
Mon 9th The Beat Boys
Fri 13th Buddy Britten & the Regents
Sat 14th
Carole Kay
Other Dates:
The Dynachords
Rocking Berries - All-nighter
Sun 15th The Whirlwinds
Fri 20th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sat 21st The Avalons
John Mayalls Blues Breakers - All-nighter
Sun 22nd The Marauders
Tue 24th Christmas Eve
Buddy Britten & the Regents
The Nashville Men
Chris Nava Combo
Wed 25th Christmas Day
The Coasters
Thu 26th Boxing Day
Beat Boys
Fri 27th Lance Harvey & the Kingpins
Sat 28th
Other Dates:
Graham Bond Quartet - All-nighter
Sun 29th Country Gents
Tue 31st New Years Eve
The Whirlwinds

Lots of local and UK groups appeared in 1963 I went to see a few but was often disappointed  The Hollies, Freddy and the Dreamers Wayne Fontana were the best. Adds for the Coasters brought lots of disappointment as these were simply UK imitators when we wanted the originals.
The original Coaster had huge stateside hits and as a result got air plays even on the UK Light Programme!
’ and ‘Young Blood’ were big hits and Searchin’ was copied by the Hollies
"Yakety Yak" and "Charlie Brown" was heard on the radio as they both got into the UK Top Ten in the fifties as Rock and Roll records and ‘Poison Ivy’ was covered by many of the Beat groups as part of their live stage act.  ‘Little Egypt’ was popular on Jimmy Savile’s Radio Luxembourg show – so we did know about them.
These guys were all white and there was no sign of Speedo…

That’s a record that I used to own… and it had ‘ShoppinFor Clothes’ on it.  That track was played at the Wheel along with lots of other great Coasters Vinyl.

the coasters that appeared in this year at the twisted wheel were a bunch of scousers and certainly not from the USA, see 'Merseybeat Nostalgia - The Coasters'  a great site about Mersey beat.

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