1964 - Brazennose St
Fri 3rd Rey Anton & the Peppermint Men
Sat 4th

The Downliners Sect  


They did ‘Little Egypt’ a Coaster song and a whole host of R&B covers e.g. ‘Green Onions, Shame, Shame, Shame



Mon 6th The Redcaps
Fri 10th Tony Kay & the Huckleberries
Sat 11th

The Beat Boys

Long John Baldry - All-nighter
(ex Cyril Davis All Stars).


John played with the Cyril Davis’s backing band after Cyril had died of a heart attack.


Cyril’s ‘Chicago Calling’ and ‘Countryline Special’ had been huge hits at the wheel in Late 63.

1st appearance of Rod the Mod.

Rod Returns to Manchester 2011
Other Dates:
29-02-64 15-08-64
04-04-64 31-01-64
23-05-64 21-02-65
04-07-64 24-05-65
12-07-64 21-07-67
Sun 12th Mal Rider & the Spirits
Fri 17th Country Gentlemen
Sat 18th Lance Harvey & The King Pins
Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions - All-nighter
Sun 19th Lorraine Gray & the Chapperrones
Fri 24th Freddie Starr & the Midnighters
Yes, it’s the same Freddy who later allegedly ate hamsters.
Sat 25th Carole Kay
The Dynachords
Graham Bond Organisation - All-nighter
Sun 26th The Marauders
Wed 29th Rockin' Berries
Fri 31st
Tony Dee & the Shakeouts
Other Dates:
15-03-64 11-04-64
Sat 1st
The Sheffields
Other Dates:
05-09-64 20-03-65
John Mayall and the Blues Breakers - All-nighter
Sun 2nd Rockin' Berries
Mon 3rd The Redcaps
Fri 7th The Coasters
Sat 8th

Tony Kay and The Huckelberries

Manfred Mann - All-nighter

Police on horses had to handle the crowd that were locked outside the club… 5 4 3 2 1 then after the raving audience  had calmed down they did ‘Cock-A-Hoop’ a really great and original Blues song with great Harmonica and vocals from Paul Jones and cool Beatnik style bearded Mr Mann on keyboards.

Sun 9th Spidermen
Fri 14th Dynachords
Sat 15th

Ian Crawford & Boomerangs

The Animals - All-nighter

A five minute version of the song made initially famous by Bob Dylan got to the top of the UK and the USA charts: ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ .

They rocked the place with ‘ Baby Let Me Take You Home’ , ‘Boom Boom’, ‘Bring It On Home To Me’ Eric Burdon was now and again drinking from several Newcastle Brown Ales they had in a crate on the stage. They wore brown overalls.

Don't let me be misunderstood
Gonna Send You Back to Walker

I'm Crying

It's My Life

Boom Boom

Other Dates:
Sonny Boy Williamson

Later they brought on Sunny Boy Williamson and backed him on a few songs of course HELP ME’.



   Getting Out of Town
   Your funeral and my Trial
   Keep it to Yourself
   Fattening Frogs for the Snakes (with The Animals)

Other Dates:
07-11-64 26-12-64
Sun 16th The Beat Boys
Fri 21st Lance Harvey & the Kingpins
Sat 22nd The Mastersounds - Early
Graham Bond Quartet - All-nighter
Sun 23rd Country Gents
Fri 28th The Redcaps
Sat 29th Galaxies
Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men
All-nighter (ex Cyril Davis All Stars)
Fri 6th
Phil's Feelgoods 
Other Dates:
24-04-64 23-08-64
Sat 7th The Whirlwinds
Jimmy Powell and the 5 Dimensions - All-nighter
Fri 13th The Cyclones
Sat 14th Excheckers
Spencer Davis Quartet - All-nighter
Sun 15th The Beat Boys
Tony Dee & the Shakeouts
Fri 20th The Young Ones
Sat 21st The Beat Boys
John Mayall’s Blues Breakers - All-nighter
Sun 22nd The Redcaps
Sat 28th The Renegades
Graham Bond Quartet - All-nighter
Sun 29th Jackie Lynton & the Cutters
The Beat Boys
Fri 3rd Lance Harvey & the King Pins
Sat 4th


Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men - All-nighter

The Pianist/Organ player was I think was Elton John.

Sun 5th The Marauders
Fri 10th Rockin' Henry Hayseed
Sat 11th

Tony Dee and Shakeouts

Alex Harvey and his Soul Band - All-nighter

It was a long road to eventual success for Alex Harvey, in 64 he was well into Blues and R&B versions of American recordings.

Other Dates:
17-10-64 19-10-64
Fri 17th Helene & the Kinsmen
Sat 18th
Mighty Avengers
Other Dates:
12-06-64 14-08-64
The Animals - All-nighter
Sun 19th The Beat Boys
Fri 24th Phil's Feelgoods
Sat 25th The Madmen

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames

“Yeh Yeh” was a huge number one hit single for Georgie Fame and his group The Blue Flames. It was played until the grooves wore out at the Brazennose Street Twisted Wheel.
Georgie was from Leigh just up the East Lanc’s Road from Manchester and so he was a frequent act at the Wheel and also at lots of other Manchester venues.
He and his group were fantastic in their own right and also did backing sets with several artists that also appeared at the ‘Wheel’ e.g. Memphis Slim.
Georgie did multiple copies of great soul recordings like; ‘Sitting In the Park’, ‘Ride Your Pony’, ‘Sunny’, ‘My Girl’, and ‘Sweet Thing’ to mention just a few.
He also did lots of Ska and Blue Beat and one was Dr Kitch with its risky lyrics, it was always a popular one at the ‘Old’ Wheel in Brazennose Street.
He was often seen in the Rising Sun and The Old Nags Head pubs just around the alley from the club.
His song ‘Getaway’ he mentioned once in the pub that it brought in more money than anything even more than his royalties on ‘Yeh Yeh’ which were small. He got more cash for ‘Getaway’ because it was used by Shell petroleum on their TV adverts – from a conversation overheard by a Wheel and pub goer at the time.
Georgie was more famous in 65’ than the visiting Motown acts that were set to tour the UK, so the tour got Georgie a big Motown fan to headline with them!
Such prestige made him eternally popular with all the Wheel crowd at both locations of the club and they even (almost) forgave him for copying the original artists; as they say imitation is the best flattery. His jazz numbers such as: ‘Get On The Right Track’ ‘Point of No Return’ , ‘Pink Champagne’, ‘I Love The Life I Live’ were all very well received by an appreciative audience on every occasion he appeared at the club.

  Monkeying Around
  Walking the Dog
  Get Away
  Because I Love You

Other Dates:
30-05-64 23-10-65
11-07-64 05-02-66
03-08-64 28-05-66
05-09-64 28-01-67
18-11-64 15-04-67
05-12-64 09-09-67
Sun 30th The Whirlwinds
Mon 31st The 5 Embers
Fri 1st

Millie Small 


The Lollipop girl.

Massive Hit  - One hit wonder.


Tom Hark
Sat 2nd Graham Bond Quartet
Fri 8th The Beat Boys
Me and Them
Other Dates:
Sat 9th
Memphis Slim

“There was a terrible crash.. the undertaker smiled….and winked his eye…why business shure is sweet…”
Memphis Slim was a great ‘boogie woogie’ pianist and song writer, many of his songs told stories and some were funny. One popular track that he recorded on the LP shown here was ‘One Mans Mad’. The twisted Wheel D.J. was well into the blues and played this track quite often.
Quite a rare vinyl item these days.

Side One:
1. Lonesome; 2. Cold-blooded Woman; 3. One Mans Mad; 4. Let the Good Times Roll; 5. What is the Mare-Rack; 6. Pigalle Love 

Side two:
 1. Four Walls; 2. It’s been so Long 3. Big Bertha; 4. I’m Lost without You; 5. I’ll Just Keep On Singing the Blues; 6. True Love

  Every Day I have the Blues



Other Dates:

Zoot Moneys Big Roll Band.


Zoot Money

Zoot did versions of course of USA R&B his best was a copy of ‘ It Should’ve Been Me’ (Ray Charles) and ‘Please Stop The Wedding’ (Lou Johnson). His original song ‘Big Time Operator’ was fairly successful on the UK charts and very well received at the Wheel; he did it several times and everyone in the audience joined in.

He was a good (Hammond) organist and of course did the inevitable Jimmy Smith tracks.

Brian Auger Trinity Hammond Organ Julie Driscol
Other Dates:
27-02-64 27-08-66
22-10-65 11-02-67
08-01-65 06-05-67
Sun 10th
David John and the Mood
Other Dates:
14-06-64 08-08-64
Thu 14th

The Four Pennies


Juliet and lots of…Ledbetter songs……… goodnight Irene…  Black girl…they were surprising good!

Fri 15th Malcolm Clarke & the Cresters
Sat 16th Spencer Davis
Sun 17th

The Big Three (Liverpool) 


Some Other Guy’ was one they recorded which most of the Beat/Merseybeat groups all did.

The big three @

Fri 22nd Johnny Peters & the JP's
Sat 23rd

Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men


I guess I was pretty disappointed when I went to the Wheel to see Cyril Davis .

He was one of the promised performers who never made it; he died shortly before he was booked to appear.

Cyril had started out alongside Alexis Korner as band members of the Chris Barber Band. Cyril after a few angry bouts of arguments with Alexis whom he had played with notably on the LP R&B at the Marquee had split to form his own group (after also being with the proto-Rolling stones) and became Cyril Davis and the All Stars.


I had his EP and thought (and still do) that each and every track upon the Extended Play disc was fantastic for an English bluesman!


Chicago Calling – Preachin’ The Blues – Sweet Mary – and the fabulous harmonica instrumental – Countryline Special


But it was that night that launched Long John Baldry who had been a member of Cyrils group.

That’s when we first heard him – singing his version of 'I Got My Mojo Working' and ‘Stormy Monday’ and others.

At other times he was part of other groups – Steam Packet, once with Julie Dricol and Brian Auger, and also in his own right with his Hoochie Coochie Men.


And so I heard – he wasent called ‘Long John’ for nothing.’


  See See Rider

  Up Above My head I Hear Music

Sun 24th The Marauders
Fri 29th Lance Harvey & the Kingpins
Sat 30th Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - All-nighter
Fri 5th Country Gents
Clayton Squares
Other Dates:
09-08-64 06-02-65
19-09-64 01-05-65
14-11-64 17-07-65
Sat 6th

The Yardbirds


Oh yes they were FANTASTIC.





  Good Morning Little School Girl

  Hear Full of Soul

  For Your Love & Got to Hurry

  I Wish You Would

  Evil Hearted You

Other Dates:
22-07-64 14-11-64
Sun 7th Rockin' Berries
Fri 12th Mighty Avengers
Sat 13th John Mayalls Blues Breakers
John Lee Hooker
John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs

The ‘Dimples’ Man Himself

John Lee had a chart hit in the UK in 64’ with ‘Dimples’ which had been recorded first in the mid fifties.


The Manchester MODS loved that man.

    ‘John Lee toured the UK in 1962, returning in 1964 after his hit with ‘Dimples’. He played at the Wheel on several occasions. On later visits he met his backing band The Groundhogs for the first time. Watching them that night, you could see they idolised John Lee and after a very short rehearsal, they gave one of the best Blues performances I ever heard. He appeared there at the Wheel quite a few times. On that occasion, Roger the DJ made sure he did a live version of the song he had on the turntables at most club sessions throughout 1964-5. And when I heard him, I swear he put the ‘Twisted Wheel’ in the lyrics:

‘Boogie Chillun

Well my mother (won’t) allow me (she said) 

To stay out all night long (Oh Lord) 

Well my mother (won’t) allow me (she said) 

To stay out all night long 

I don’t care what she allow 

I would boogie anyhow

Well, I put into town people 

I was walking down Hastings Street 

Everybody was talking about .......the Twisted Wheel 

I decided I’d drop in there that night 

I say yeah people 

They was really having a ball - yes I know

Boogie Chillun

One night I was laying down 

I heard mama and papa talking 

I heard papa tell mama 

Let that boy boogie-woogie 

It’s in him, an’ it’s got to get out’ 

And I felt so good 

Well I would boogie just the same’


From the book: The Manchester Wheelers


  Crawlin' King Snake

  I'm in the Mood


Other Dates:
06-07-64 05-06-64
29-08-64 10-04-65
10-10-64 03-07-65
04-11-64 28-08-65


Sun 14th David John & the Mood
Fri 19th Chris Ryan & the Question
Sat 20th The Renegades
Jimmy Powell
Sun 21st The Redcaps
Fri 26th
Other Dates:
Sat 27th Graham Bond
Sun 28th

Dave Berry & the Cruisers


Dave was from Sheffield appearing at his local Beat club the King Mojo run by the Stringfellow brothers and he scored a big hit with a version of the Shirelles USA hit (which the Beatles had also put on an LP) ‘ Baby Its You’

He would sing into the microphone like he was caressing a girl, winding the cable all around. His first minor UK hit: ‘Memphis, Tennessee effectively stopped Chuck Berry from getting a high chart position!


Memphis, Tennessee / Tossin' And Turnin'

Jan '64
My Baby Left Me / Hoochie Coochie Man

Apr '64
Baby It's You/Sweet And Lovely

Jul '64
The Crying Game / Don't Gimme No Lip Child

Nov '64
In 65 he had another hit with ‘Little Things’


All things considered his ‘gig’ at the Wheel was pretty good.

  Baby It's You

  The Crying Game

  Little Things

Fri 3rd The Beat Boys
Sat 4th Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men
Sun 5th The Marauders
Mon 6th

John Lee Hooker

Wed 8th The Spencer Davis Group

Inez and Charlie Foxx 

MOCKINGBIRD was one hugely popular 45 at the Wheel at this time.
‘Tightrope ’ & ‘Count The Days ’: came along later, becoming even bigger hits at the Wheel. That night they did ‘I Stand Accused’ a theatrical montage of the Jerry Butler song.

  Hurt by Love
  No Stranger To Love

Other Dates:
14-10-64 17-05-69
24-07-65 31-05-69
19-02-66 08-11-69
Fri 10th Spidermen
Sat 11th Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames
Sun 12th Long John Baldry
Wed 15th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Fri 17th
The Bluesounds
Other Dates:
Sat 18th Spencer Davis group
Sun 19th
Other Dates:
19-08-64 31-10-64
Wed 22nd The Yardbirds
Fri 24th Hermans Hermits - Local Lads

Originating from Bagley, Wythenshawe overspill estate Manchester.
 “I’M INTO SOMETHING GOOD” was their hit, of course stopping the original by Earl Jean (written by Goffin & King) from any chance in the uk.

  Mrs. Brown You've got a Lovely Daughter

Sat 25th Charleworth Big Blues
Sun 26th Tony Sheridan (ex Beatle)
Wed 29th Hideaways
Fri 31st
Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated
(with Herbie Goins)


A voice like a rusty saw blade scratching across yet another rusty saw blade but it worked… upto a point!

Alexis was the passionate driving force behind the Blues and R&B boom at the time in the UK.

Herbie Goins is doing the singing on this 45 from Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated, a version of Don Gardners song. On the ‘B’ side it is Please, Please, Please, a version of James Browns Stateside R&B hit.Alvin Cash

The group played these songs often in their weekly live sets in 1964 at the Manchester Twisted Wheel in Brazennose Street when they became the resident club band. Alexis used to stay with John Mayall in Cheetham Hill when appearing in Manchester. ‘Spooky But Nice’ was Alexis Korner's signature tune at the time 1964/65. he would often appear on his own just playing his guitar and singing to a very small audience. Alexix Korner - At the Cavern

  Hoochie Coochie Man

  I Need Your Loving

  Gotta Move & Keep Your Hands Off


Herbie formed his own group after leaving Alexis Korner.

Many of his 45’s have become sought after rarities on the current: ‘Northern Soul Scene’

Some great stuff about Herbie on an Italian Fan site

Other Dates:
22-08-64 18-12-64
18-09-64 21-12-64
03-10-64 31-12-64
07-10-64 04-01-65
23-11-64 11-01-65
30-11-64 18-01-65
07-12-64 25-01-65
14-12-64 13-03-65

They were there every Monday and Wednesday throughout 1965 as the resident artists.

Sat 1st Paramounts
Graham Bond Organisation - All-nighter
Sun 2nd Addicts
Mon 3rd Georgie Fame
Wed 5th
Blues Giants
Other Dates:
30-08-64 12-02-65
22-11-64 14-03-65
05-12-64 24-04-65
24-12-64 15-05-65
25-12-64 05-06-65
Fri 7th
Ivan's Meads

A group managed by the Twisted Wheel club operators the Adabi’s.
Pictured at the Wheel with Sonny Boy Williamson – from
The Manchester Beat

  The Sins of a Family

Other Dates:
10-09-64 31-12-65
09-10-64 06-02-66
30-10-64 08-05-66
18-06-65 26-06-66
05-12-65 22-01-67
26-12-65 01-07-67
Sat 8th David John & the Mood - Early Session
The T Bones - All-nighter
Other Dates:
24-10-64 23-01-65
29-11-64 02-10-66
Sun 9th Clayton Squares
Wed 12th The Beat Boys
Fri 14th Mighty Avengers
Sat 15th Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men
Sun 16th Mark Leeman
Wed 19th Shades
Fri 21st Country Gents
Sat 22nd the Bluesounds
Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated - All-nighter
Sun 23rd Phil's Feelgoods
Sat 29th
Little Boy Blues - Early Session
Other Dates:
John Lee Hooker and The Groundhogs  - All-nighter (met for first time)


Sun 30th Blues Giants
Wed 2nd Little Boy Blues
Fri 4th 5 Shades
Sat 5th Memphis Slim – Wheel EXTENDED, More rooms opened
Georgie Fame
The Sheffields
Sun 6th
Soul Seekers
Other Dates:
Wed 8th
Victor Brox Blues Train

No old Wheel time videos but this from a recent gig at the Boars Head Middleton Manchester

Other Dates:
04-04-65 18-12-65
23-05-65 29-01-66
18-09-65 19-03-66
06-11-65 28-07-66
Fri 10th Ivan's Meads
Sat 12th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sun 13th The Renegades
Tue 15th The Pretty Things

"Rosalyn " and "Don't Bring Me Down " were big, big hits at the Wheel.
Billy Boy Arnold did the original of ‘I Wish You Would’.   


Sat 18th Alexis Korner
The Soul Seekers
Sun 19th Clayton Squares
Wed 22nd The Rats
Fri 24th King Bees
Sat 26th Spencer Davis Group
Sun 27th The Zombies

"She's Not There ", Rod Argent on piano and Colin Bluestone on vocals.

  Time of the Season

Fri 2nd The Small Faces
Brilliant! Set the haircut styles for Manchester mods
 Its been said in a book about the Twisted Wheel that the Small Faces were rubbish when they appeared at the Wheel. Well I was there with several mates, the place rocked; they were bloody fantastic, great haircuts, but small! We all danced in the audience with one finger in an ear just like Mr Marriot! “What Yer Gonna Do About It

  Sha La La La Lee
  Here Comes the Nice

Sat 3rd Little Walter
My Baby
  From Cadillac Records
Alexis Korner

The greatest harmonica man.

Sun 4th Me and Them
Wed 7th Alexis Korner's blues Incorporated
Fri 9th Ivan's Meads
Sat 10th Diamonds
John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs - All-nighter
Sun 11th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Wed 14th Inez and Charlie Foxx
Spencer Davis  (2nd Wednesday visit)
Fri 16th The Boys
Sat 17th Alex Harvey and the Soul Band - All-nighter
The Plebs
Sun 18th The Beat Boys
Mon 19th Alex Harvey
Wed 21st The Yardbirds
Fri 23rd Vic Takes 4
Sat 24th The T-Bones - All-nighter
Sun 25th Cheynes
Wed 28th The Kinks
Fri 30th Ivans Meads
Sat 31st 5 Shades
Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men - All-nighter


Sugar Pie Desanto

Dave Wagett and Sugar Pie

Dave Wagett and Sugar Pie

Roger Eagle, Howlin'
Wolf & Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie had appeared at the Manchester Free trade Hall and the great Wheel DJ Roger Eagle and his pals were there as was most of us Wheel - Blues aficionados. Roger persuaded this ‘little miss dynamite’ to appear at the Wheel.

  In The Basement
  Soulful Dress
  Baby What You Want Me To Do
  Slip In Mules
  Use What You Got
  There's Gonna Be Trouble
  Go Go Power
  I Don't Wanna Fuss

Wed 4th John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs
Fri 6th Black Abbots
Sat 7th The Moody Blues
Sonny Boy Williamson
Sun 8th The Marauders
Wed 11th Spencer Davis
The Soul Sisters

The Spencer Davis Group had the UK hit with ‘I Can’t Stand It’ in the UK and in many ways some consider it to be better than the original.

  Think About the Good Times
  Good Time Tonight

Other Dates:
19-06-65 31-12-66
Fri 13th Curt's Creatures
Sat 14th Clayton Squares
The Yardbirds
Sun 15th Rockin' Berries
  Poor Mans Son
Wed 18th Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames
Fri 20th Trendsetters
Sat 21st Jimmy Reed

The great Big Boss Man with his Wheel hit 'Shame Shame Shame' .

  Honest I Do
  Bright Lights, Big City
  Ain't That Loving You Baby
  Baby What You Want Me To Do
  You Got Me Dizzy
  Big Boss Man

Sun 22nd Blues Giants
Mon 23rd Alexis Korner

And for most Mondays until the end of January (25th) 1965.

Wed 25th Slants
Fri 27th Nashville Teens
  Tobacco Road (originally by Lou Rawls and they had a bigger hit with it in the USA)
  Google Eye (originally  by Roger Miller, of course that was played by Roger at the Wheel)
Sat 28th Spencer Davis Group
The Beat Boys
Sun 29th T-Bones
Mon 30th Alexis Korner
Wed 2nd Blues Council
Fri 4th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sat 5th Georgie Fame
Blues Giants
Sun 6th Clayton Squares
Mon 7th

Alexis Korner

Fri 11th Soul Messengers
Sat 12th John Mayall and the Blues Breakers
Night Style
Sun 13th Country Gents
Mon 14th Alexis Korner
Fri 18th Alexis Korner
Sat 19th John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs
Joe Cocker Big Blues
  With a Little Help From My Friends
Other Dates:
Mon 21st Alexis Korner
Thu 24th

~: Christmas Eve :~

Blues Giants
Hipster Image
Other Dates:
Fri 25th

~: Christmas Day :~

Blues Giants
Glowing Embers
Sat 26th

~: Boxing Day :~

Sonny Boy Williamson


I think it must have been Christmas, Boxing Day 1964 when I took out a girl friend (she was called Janice, from Blackley Manchester). We went to see Sonny Boy Williamson at the Twisted Wheel. He was great. Dressed in a bowler hat and amazing black and white tuxedo with tails (one side black the other white!) Yes! He did play 'Help Me'. He was backed by the Spencer Davis group and I remember the awe and respect he got from them especially from Stevie Winwood. He played dozens of different harmonicas, some right inside his mouth and to the disgust of my girl friend; he played a tiny harmonica in his nose! She became a fan later though. Unbelievably when he finished his set, I got the opportunity to buy him a coffee.


Sonny Boy was also on Granada TV ‘Scene At Six Thirty’ around this time and I think at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. (But memory is not always accurate after 40 odd years or more!)

That feeling of being in the Twisted Wheel in those old blues days had a lot to do with the sound of harmonica’s and that strange Hammond organ wail.


The Blues we heard wailing away at the Twisted Wheel generated a kind of mental feeling of weirdness. An undercurrent in Blues was about: all that Crossroads, meeting the Devil, black magic stuff. It was all related to the Blues; John the Conquer Root, black cat bones and Mojo hands etc. It was all from the Mississippi Delta, a place of swamps and strange looking trees with vines falling from them, and misty fogs around them in odd-sounding towns like Savannah and New Orleans.

From the book: The Manchester Wheelers


  Nine Below Zero

  Keep It To Yourself

  Bye Bye Bird

Spencer Davis Group
Thu 31st

~: New Years Eve :~

Alexis Korner
The Renegades
Blues Giants
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