1965 - Brazennose St / Whitworth St
Fri 1st

~: New Years Day :~

The Beat Boys
Sat 2nd

Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions - All-nighter

Mon 4th Alexis Korner
Fri 8th
Blues Herd
Other Dates:
14-02-65 11-04-65
Sat 9th The Sheffields
Crusaders - All-nighter
Sun 10th The Impressions
Imitators! Impostors. ??? Were they the Curtis Mayfield ones??? No way…
The real impressions did not even leave the USA for external tours until around 1969.
  People Get Ready
  It's Alright
  Gypsy Woman
  I'm the One who Love You
Mon 11th Alexis Korner
Fri 15th M Q Blues
Sat 16th John Mayall,
The Falling Leaves
Other Dates:
20-02-65 13-03-66
Sun 17th
St Louis Union

Mod/Soul, group who were managed by the Adabi brothers so they frequently appeared at the Wheel.

St Louis Union

  Girl (originally by the Beatles)


From The MANCHESTER BEAT website:

Other Dates:
28-02-65 26-11-65
21-03-65 24-12-65
18-04-65 27-02-66
30-05-65 26-03-66
12-06-65 24-04-66
04-07-65 15-05-66
29-08-65 19-06-66
04-09-65 24-12-66
10-10-65 12-08-67
Mon 18th Alexis Korner
Fri 22nd The Angle
Sat 23rd T - Bones,

Gary Farr and the T-Bones came from Brighton UK, An R&B group doing songs originally from the USA. Not to be confused with the USA group of the same name who copied to some extent the Booker T version of  their Instrumental "No Matter What Shape (You're Stomach's In)" which was a soundtrack to a USA TV commercial for Alka Seltzer! 
Give Him One More Change.

The Fairies
Mon 25th Alexis Korner
Sat 30th Duffy Powell and the Sorrows
Sun 31st
Dawn Breakers
Other Dates:
07-02-65 24-12-66
Sat 6th Clayton Squares
Spencer Davis - All-nighter
Sun 7th Dawn Breakers
Fri 12th Blues Giants
Sat 13th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
  Sugar Baby
Rod Stewart and Soul Agents


Singing ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’ in a white suit and a very, very long college scarf ‘Rod the Mod’ first appearance at the Wheel in his own right as previously he had been on stage there with Long John Baldry as a Hoochie Coochie Man! 

Rod apparently idolized “Ramblin' Jack Elliott who gets a mention and even visited the Twisted Wheel! (See The Novel THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS). 

His backing band were The Soul Agents who released a single – a version of Muddy Waters: ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You’ an R&B group from London.

Courtesy of

Rod Stewart The Graveyard Shift

Other Dates:
06-03-65 12-06-65
Sun 14th Blues Herd
Fri 19th
Screaming Jay Hawkins
  I Put A Spell On You
  I Hear Voices
  Feast Of The Mau Mau
  Little Demon 
Other Dates:
20-02-65 19-04-65
Sat 20th Screaming Jay Hawkins - All-nighter
The Falling Leaves
backing Screaming Jay, were the Falling Leaves (From the Madisons) from Oxford.
Sun 21st Long John Baldry
Sat 27th Zoot Moneys Big Roll Band

Brian Auger Trinity (Julie Driscol) - All-nighter

Rod Stewart - Long John - Julie - Brian                        

Other Dates:
22-05-65 10-07-65
Sun 28th St Louis Union
Sat 6th

Buddy Guy - All-nighter


The Great man himself with that great song ‘THE FIRST TIME I MET THE BLUES’. Jimmy Hendrix learned from this man: Buddy Guy played the guitar on the floor, behind his back and with his teeth.

He also appeared at the Free Trade Hall on a Blues Festival Show.

The Soul Agents featuring Rod Stewart
Cops 'N Robbers
Other Dates:
05-06-65 05-11-65
Sun 7th The Marauders
Sat 13th Alexis Korner
Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sun 14th Blues Giants
Sat 20th

The Habit

Champion Jack Dupree - All-nighter

He sipped away at a bottle of scotch positioned on top of his piano.

Boogie Woogie pianist and blues vocalist.

His appearances at the Wheel were well received (and other Manchester Clubs i.e. Mr Smiths).


He returned to Manchester in the 70, and 80,s and was married to a Yorkshire Lass and lived in Mixenden, Halifax.
  The Feelin' of the Blues

Other Dates:
29-05-65 11-12-65
The Sheffields - All-nighter
Sun 21st St Louis Union
Fri 26th Spencer Davis Group
Sat 27th

T - Bone Walker
The Texas T-Bone guitar genius and THE ‘Stormy Monday Man’.

It was T bone who inspired B. B. King to pick up a guitar! And most probably was very influential on the young Jimmy Hendrix.
He is most famous for his recording of ‘ Stormy Monday’

Aaron Thibeaux “T-Bone” Walker
was born on  28th May 1910 T Bone died: 16th March 1975

  Stormy Monday

Other Dates:
John Mayall
Sat 3rd

Hipster Image


Larry Williams - All-nighter

Known as rock and roll and recoded in the late fifties in New Orleans with Specialty Records: "Bony Moronie", "Short Fat Fannie", "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" these were R&B and greatly appreciated by the Wheel crowd.


  Too Late - Larry Williams & Johnny Watson together

Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson - All-nighter


They did a single – ‘Too Late’ which has become a huge ‘Northern Soul hit.


  Space Guitar

Sun 4th Victor Brox
Sat 10th Jimmy Powell 5 dimensions
John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs - All-nighter
  Boom Boom
Sun 11th Blues Herd
Sat 17th Graham Bond - All-nighter
Sun 18th St Louis Union
Mon 19th

~: Easter Monday :~

Screaming Jay Hawkins
but most
Manchester Mods had gone to riot at Blackpool…for the weekend.
Sat 24th Long John Baldry - All-nighter
Blues Giants
Sun 25th
Blues Set
Other Dates:
Sat 1st Clayton Squares
Spencer Davis Group - All-nighter
Sun 2nd Chevrons
Sat 8th John Mayall’s Blues Breakers - All-nighter
Tea Time 4
Sun 9th 3 Dots and a Dash
Sat 15th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Blues Giants
Sun 16th The Gremlins
Sat 22nd Brian Auger Trinity
Fetish Crowd
Sun 23rd Victor Brox
Sat 29th
The Action

  Hey So Lo Nay (Originally by Mickey Lee Lane)

Other Dates:
25-09-65 13-05-67
06-11-65 22-09-67
Champion Jack Dupree

Blues Set

‘Roachie & Dave (pillion) outside the Wheel in 1965 on the Chento; a tiny Lambretta.
 In London the Mods seemed to have more Vespa’s but in Manchester it was all about Lambretta’s.
On many occasions Brazennose Street was filled with hordes of Scooters parked outside the club and gangs of Parka clad Mod’s hanging about – others flying past up and down the street with long aerials bending backwards as they revved up often doing a stand up acrobatic show!
Manchester Mod’s loved blues, but by now they were becoming Mod Soul brothers, becoming dedicated to original Soul artists and getting disenchanted with UK imitators. The Wheel DJ Roger Eagle was very conscious of this and produced more and more original Stateside Soul 45’s. In fact it was the records that people came to the club to hear and the playlist was a far bigger attraction than most of the live acts… with obvious popular and originals as the exceptions.

Sun 30th St Louis Union
Sat 5th Cops 'N Robbers
John Lee Hooker - All-nighter
Blues Giants - All-nighter
Sun 6th Blues Pentagon
Sat 12th

Rod Stewart - All-nighter

Did a version of the Beatles ‘ Girl’

St Louis Union

Sun 13th Big City Blues
Sat 18th Ivans Meads
Sun 19th

The Soul Sisters,

We probably heard ‘I Can’t Stand It’ first from the Spencer Davis group, and indeed Stevie Windwood did a great version. However in the atmosphere of Manchester Soul Mod’s demanding originals, it was the Soul Sisters and all things from the Sue label that began to dominate.
 Wheel DJ’s Roger Eagle and Roger Fairhurst were Pals with Guy Stevens the London manager of Sue and DJ at London’s premier Mod Soul club – The Scene. That’s were they got free 45’s to promote in Manchester, but its worth saying that right at the beginning of the Wheel the first DJ’s were playing Sue – Inez & Charlie’s Mockingbird. The first Sue LP was essential to own if you were a Manchester Soul mod!

Brian Auger Trinity
Sat 26th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions - All-nighter
Sun 27th New Departures
Fri 2nd

Mike Cotton Sound


I was surprised when I looked at this date. I had assumed that The Mike Cotton Sound appeared at the Wheel first in 1966 but here they were on a Friday in the Summer of 65!

It was their version of ‘Soul Serenade’ that broke them into acceptance at the Wheel being an R&B imitator and white UK group- which with just a few notable exceptions was a reason for a Soul Mod Wheeler to stay in the DJ record room and miss such acts.


It was King Curtis that did the original and Willie Mitchell doing an equally great version.

  Harlem Shuffle (Originally by Bob & Earl)

Other Dates:
31-01-66 22-05-67
06-03-66 28-10-67
18-06-66 31-12-67
26-11-66 13-01-68
Sat 3rd  John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs - All-nighter
Sun 4th St Louis Union
Sat 10th Brian Auger Trinity
Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames - All-nighter
Sat 17th Clayton Squares
5 Dimension - All-nighter
Sat 24th
The Ram Jam Band - All-nighter

  Original Footage

Other Dates:
15-01-66 22-04-67
20-08-66 15-07-67
21-01-67 20-01-68
Inez and Charlie Foxx

On the night they did wear matching leopard skin outfits. and boy did she look sexy!
  La De Da I Love You
  Jaybirds (Not the Mockingbirds)

Sat 31st Spencer Davis
Sat 7th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions - All-nighter
(carving up Radiants singles!)
Sun 8th


Toggery  Five  (years Later Paul Young – Sad Café )


  I'd Rather Be Out With The Boys

Other Dates:
22-01-66 28-07-67
Sat 14th 5 Divisions - All-nighter
Sun 15th Blues Division
Sat 21st Graham Bond Organisation - All-nighter
Sun 22nd Lobos
Sat 28th John Lee Hooker and the Groundhogs - All-nighter
Sun 29th St Louis Union
Sat 4th St Louis Union - All-nighter
Sun 5th Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sat 11th John Mayall's Blues Breakers - All-nighter




The Wheel was closing down a rumour had started a few weeks previously. And it was true!
It was like the death of your best friend. It was announced in the Manchester Evening News…
Hardly anyone believed that the new premises for the wheel could ever be the same, some stopped and never went again others said we would all have to go to the Jungfrau club from now on! But most gave it a try….we didn’t know it at that time: It was to be better than ever!


CLOSED: Goodby Brazennose St.


Sat 18th


The New Twisted Wheel at 6 Whitworth Street - Telephone Central 1179
Opened and was directly opposite the Fire Brigade Headquarters and the Police Station!  A slightly worrying consideration as most of the Wheels clientele for the All-nighters were taking large amounts of Amphetamines.

Spencer Davis Group - All-nighter
  Strong Love
  Gimme Some Lovin'
  Keep On Running

John Mayall Blues Breakers - All-nighter

Sun 19th Peter Jay
Sat 25th The Action
Sun 26th

Lou Johnson - All-nighter


What a smooth guy with a smooth stylish voice he must have had a ‘Magic Potion’ but perhaps not the same one that a lot of the crowd that night had taken!
“A TIME TO LOVE A TIME TO CRY” a version of the instrumental ‘Petite Fleur’ by Sidney Bechet who was a Creole American and a jazz saxophonist and clarinetist: an instrument featured heavily in Lou Johnson’s song – a tribute to Bechet.
The ‘B’ side was UNSATISFIED which was the dance track most featured at the Wheel and a song that also became a strong favourite years later on the evolving ‘Northern Soul’ scene.

’Message To Martha’ ‘Always Something There To remind Me’, ‘Reach Out For Me’ and ‘Magic Potion’ where all written for Mr Johnson by Bert Bacharach and Hal David
Lou had been on Ready Steady Go were he sand both ‘Unsatisfied’ and ‘A Time To Love A Time to Cry’. At the Wheel he also did – ‘If I Never Get To love You’ and of course his fantastic: ‘Don’t Stop The Wedding’. He had a very strong stage personality.
A rather sadder and somewhat depleted Lou Johnson can be seen on the DVD set The Strange World Of Northern Soul – that was ‘heroically’ put together by Ian Levine.
I think I prefer to remember him as he was at the Wheel. When he was touring the UK and had recently appeared on Ready Steady Go.
  Kentucky Bluebird

Sat 2nd Graham Bond Organisation - All-nighter
Sun 3rd

The Who


The Mighty WHO the MODS favourite UK Group. 



‘I Can’t Explain’

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’

‘My Generation’


‘Mods liked Soul, and of course all the UK Mod bands. The crowned kings of Mod bands were of course the mighty Who. A pal of mine called Adge was crazy about the Who. He had the RAF red, white and blue round target on the back of his white jacket. We met up and went around the corner from the Twisted Wheel one Saturday night to see the Who playing at the Oasis Club.
At the Wheel All-nighters when the DJ put on ‘My Generation’ everyone stuttered with Roger Daltry and sang ‘Fuck Off’ instead of ‘Ffff…fade away’. It would be fantastic to see them do it live, so I risked it to go to a non-genuine Mod club.


The club was ‘heaving’, filled to over capacity but the Who made up for the crush that we were in. Keith Moon at one point threw his drumsticks into the crowd and used two Coke bottles to drum with instead. About a year after that memorable night the Who came to Manchester again, playing at the Co-Op New Century House, where there was a ground floor dance hall. I was there, again with Adge. It was even better than the first time at the Oasis, and Townsend wrecked yet another guitar. Apparently The Who were on at the Wheel on a Sunday but somehow we missed them and only heard about it later’. 

  The Kids Are Alright

Fri 8th Applejacks

Had a hit with ‘Tell Me When’

  Like Dreamers Do (Originally by the Beatles

Sat 9th
The Steam Packet - All-nighter

Rod Stewart – Long John Baldrey - Brian Auger and Julie Driscol

They appeared quite a lot in various formations at the Twisted Wheel.

Could often be seen in the pubs nearby: The Rising Sun and you could walk through this pub and over the Road to the Nags Head, both full of Wheelers!

  In Crowd
  This Wheels On Fire - Rod Stewart  (Originally Bob Dylan)
  Long John


Image: Rod Stewart Fan club

Other Dates:
20-11-65 12-03-66
19-12-65 17-09-66
Sun 10th St Louis Union
Fri 15th The Mojos
Sun 16th T - Bone Walker - All-nighter

The WHEELERS got to see this great ‘electric’ guitar man in October 1965 at the first Twisted Wheel. The DJ’s Roger Eagle and Roger Fairhurst and another pal of theirs were in the ‘Favourite Snack Bar’ a - greasy Spoon- egg and chips café; with the great man in Albert Square, helping T Bone sample good English grub!

Sun 17th Boz & Boz People
Fri 22nd Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Sat 23rd  Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - All-nighter
Sun 24th Jimmy Powell
Fri 29th

Ben E King


Ben E King was known at the time as the voices of the Drifters but left to go solo in 1960. ‘SPANISH HARLEM was his first major hit.


Of course this song was a firm favourite at the ‘Wheel’ and a superb recording that stands up today. Ben also did the original of ‘I WHO HAVE NOTHING which made Shirley Bassey famous in the UK.’Don’t Play That Song'for me it brings back the memory… He then had another monster hit in the USA with ‘STAND BY ME. The crowd at the Wheel simply adored the man. And Oh What A Night when he got on stage and did the lot, plus quite a few of the Drifters hits; magnificent! ‘Cry No More’ – ‘Tears Tears Tears’ – ‘What Is Soul’ were massive, huge hits at the Twisted Wheel a few years later.

A ‘Soul’ band from Glasgow backed Ben: The Senate.

A great tribute to Ben’s song ‘A Rose In Spanish Harlem’ was recorded by Aretha Franklin.


The Great writing partnership of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote lots of hits for many ‘Soul’ artists including the Drifters and they wrote ‘Spanish Harlem’ (Phil Spector claims to have assisted on it). They all operated out of the historic Brille Building in New York with others like Carol King.


Ben and Drifters Fan site

  this Magic Moment

Other Dates:
04-06-66 07-09-68
12-11-66 01-03-69
08-04-67 29-03-69
25-11-67 02-05-70
24-08-68 23-05-70
Sat 30th Spencer Davis Group - All-nighter
Sun 31st

Unit 4+2


These guys were from Hereford and had a Top Ten hit with ‘Concrete and Clay’

Fri 5th Cops 'n' Robbers
Sat 6th

The Action - All-nighter


Mod band




Sun 7th St Louis Union
Fri 12th The Artwoods
Sat 13th The Wheel was CLOSED

(So we went to the opening of the Old Manchester Cavern; The JIGSAW Cromford Court off Corporation Street. In the queue to get in we watched Dave Lee Travis poncing about in his low slung USA Army Jeep…. forget now who where the live acts? may have been Screaming Lord Sutch, and Arthur Brown or Lulu and The Luvers.
Sun 14th Champion Jack Dupree
Fri 19th Mickey Finn
Sat 20th Steam Packet - All-nighter
Sun 21st

The Marauders   

  At the Jiggy Wilson Pickett

Fri 26th St Louis Union
Sat 27th Graham Bond - All-nighter
  St James Infirmary
  Ivan's Meads
Sun 28th Tennesseans
Fri 3rd Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions
Sat 4th

Spencer Davis Group - All-nighter

[Major Lance at the Jiggy Allnighter!]

Sun 5th Ivan's Meads
Fri 10th The Electones
Sat 11th Champion Jack Dupree - All-nighter
Sun 12th Masquerade
Sat 18th John Mayall - All-nighter
Sun 19th Steam Packet
Fri 24th

~: Christmas Eve :~

St Louis Union
Sat 25th

~: Christmas Day :~

no group allnighter dancing to the dj’s play list. Many preferred this!!!
Sun 26th

~: Boxing Day :~

Ivan's Meads
Fri 31st

~: New Years Eve :~

Ivan's Meads
Anna Ford
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