1966 - Whitworth St
Sat 1st Spencer Davis Group - All-nighter

1966 was going to be our best ever year at the Wheel:
So much Soul music being released on 45's too many to collect too little time between All-nighters to get your 'Gear' to be sure your suit was pressed, and to skiv off work.
This was the ONLY place to be interested in!

The Twisted Wheel @
Sat 8th Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band - All-nighter
Sun 9th The Fat Sound
Fri 14th The Herd
Sat 15th

The Drifters  - All-nighter
Not the original Drifters???)


Drifters Fan site


Picture from Marv Goldbergs:  Rhythm & Blues Party website


I think the picture is in fact 1966 anyhow it shows that the REAL Drifters did come to the UK. There was at least one set of imitators around at the time.


  Under the Bridge   Saturday Night at the Movies
  There Goes My Baby   Save the Last Dance for Me
  We Gotta Sing   When My Little Girl is Smiling
  Baby What I Mean   At The Club


Here’s a quote from the Book THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS:

After the Drifters had finished, we went into the room at the back to talk to them. We got in because their manager was a nice lady called Fay. We spoke to the oldest guy, Johnny.”

“We told them all their records are just fantastic, and it was him who told us the recent Drifters story. He said he’d been in the group twice and he was really annoyed that there were loads of Drifters fakes. He said guys are just going around pretending to be the real ones, like Bill Pinkney’s Original Drifters, who’ve only got one of the early Fifties members. He told us he was the only real one left – the only lead singer that is. He thought it was only happening over in the States, but he said he was pissed about the number of them operating in England. It was funny – I didn’t think he was pissed, he didn’t look drunk… did he Pat?” She was looking at Pat, who looked over with glazed eyes and didn’t respond. Then she laughed and explained: “We thought he meant he was drunk, but in America pissed means angry. He told us he was pals with the Dells, and they had even more imitators in the USA than the Drifters!”


It just goes to show that in those times in the mid sixties that imitators were around. And it still continues to this day – below is a newspaper advertisement, for the Drifters who would be well into their 80’s by this time! Same for the Four Tops and most of the Temptations certainly left this world for Soul heaven quite some time ago.

A case of ‘Back Together’ - by surgical methods that are not yet commonplace or some type of resurrection technique, or most likely just fakes.


Geno and the Ram Jam Band – on the same night as the Drifters.


A big favourite at the Wheel we even put up with his versions of the Soul music we loved from the original artist – did I mention that Soul Mods were very arrogant? Well we were! We knew what Geno was on about though with his Midnight runners, his Dexys but best of all we liked the original songs he did like ‘Water’ and ‘Hi Hi Hazel’.

Other Dates:
22-05-66 03-05-69
10-12-66 20-09-69
25-03-67 11-07-70
29-04-67 25-07-70
The Ram Jam Band
  Live - You Dont Know Like I Know
  Hi Hi Hazel
Fri 21st Shakespeares
Sat 22nd

Steam Packet

Sun 23rd Toggery 5
Fri 28th Soul Executives
Sat 29th Graham Bond Organisation - All-nighter
Sun 30th Mike Cotton Sound (Soul Serenade)
  Harlem Shuffle
  Soul Serenade
Fri 4th Maraccas
Sat 5th Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames
Sun 6th Ivan's Meads
Fri 11th
Wynder K Frog

Wynder A.K.A. Mick Weaver played the Hammond and that sound always made it at the Wheel!




  I'm a Man

  Green Door

Other Dates:
Sat 12th

Doris Troy


Her music in the shape of ‘Just One Look’ and ‘One More Chance’ had been played at the Wheel almost since its inception. The local group the Hollies (from Stockport) did a version of the song and took it high into the UK pop chart, submerging Doris in the process. However the original version from Doris was on the record decks frequently requested by all the early Wheelgoers and for ever after until the club closed in the early 1970’s

It just goes to prove that Soul music was there at the heart and start of the Twisted Wheel.
  Just One Look
  I'll Do Anything

The Alan Bown Set – Accompanied Doris
Sun 13th Outer Limits
Sat 19th Inez and Charlie Foxx - All-nighter
  Count The Days
Sat 26th John Mayall - All-nighter
Sun 27th St Louis Union


Sat 5th Spencer Davis Group
Sun 6th Mike Cotton Sound
Sat 12th

Steam Packet 

At some point Beryl Marsden was the female singer duetting with Rod Stewart



  Who You Gonna Hurt

  when the Lovelight Shines

Sun 13th The Falling Leaves
Sat 19th

Irma Thomas - All-nighter


The first record by Irma to become popular at the Wheel was of course on the fantastic red and yellow by Sue label and it was ‘DON’T MESS WITH MY MAN’ You can have my husband but please don’t mess with my man: My husband feeds me red beans and rice, My man feeds me steaks now ain’t that nice…

Her 1963 song - ‘Ruler Of My Heart’ was done as a re-make by Otis Redding as ‘Pain In My Heart’.

‘It’s a Mans Woman’s World - Pt1/2’ an ‘answer back’ song to James Browns ‘ It’s a Mans, Mans World’ was yet another ‘Wheel’ hit for Irma.

1967 Chess – ‘Good To Me’ a version of Otis Redding’s (or was it the other way around?) song was yet another great track to be heard at the Whiteworth Street Wheel (Bobby Derbyshire was a keen fan of Irma!)

Irma recorded ‘Time Is On My Side’ which the Rolling Stones heard on the radio when touring the USA and subsequently released it in England (Decca Blue Label). Of course this was an irksome move for the ‘Wheelers’ who certainly liked the Stones but eventually got fed up with them covering ‘our’ R&B Soul and blues heroes…

Her song ‘Its Raining In My Heart’ MINIT 1963 was a Wheel hit. Irma was from New Orleans and played a significant role in helping the black community after the 2005 Hurricane her song ‘Its Raining’ along with others from New Orleans artists was issued on a CD to collect funds for the charity: it became a theme for it.

Don't Mess with My Man Time Is On My Side
Wish Someone Would Care It's Raining (live)
Ruler of My Heart  

Wilson Pickett

And is that Buddy Guy backing him?


It was Wilson Pickett’s ‘In The Midnight Hour’ that probable lead the full scale charge to Soul Music dominance at the Twisted Wheel in 1965. And also the track is a theme tune for the All-nighters at the club.

  Mustang Sally

  Funkey Broadway

  Land of a 1000 Dances

Sun 20th

Alan Brown Set

Sat 26th St Louis Union - All-nighter
Sun 27th
Roll Movement
Other Dates:
Sat 2nd

Don Covey - All-nighter

SEE-SAW was a huge hit at the Wheel in fact there was a ‘See-Saw’ dance that people would do at the All-nighters in 1966 arms stretched out lengthways wide then raising and lowering alternatively; we were quite crazy. ‘See Saw’ was later recorded by Aretha Franklin.

‘Mercy Mercy’, ‘40 Days – 40 Nights’ ‘Its Better To Have’ as well, and of course ‘See Saw’ were all Wheel 45’s. I remember one Manchester Mod had dug up a track by Don called ‘Pony Time’ it was a Doo-Wop style track that had a theme of background singers singing incessantly – ‘Buggardy, Buggardy Shoop’ it couldn’t be played as the meaning in the UK was somewhat different to that in the States; over there they even had songs about Shagging which was a dance craze but had an entirely different meaning in England! 

Sun 3rd The John Even Band
Sat 9th 

Vibrations  - All-nighter


(not the real ones???)

The McCoys had a big hit with the Sloopy song: ‘Hang On Sloopy’ it was taken from  ‘My Girl Sloopy a live recorded track by the Vibrations.


‘The Watusi’, ‘Keep On Keeping On’,  ‘Love In Them There Hills’ were tracks that got airings at various time periods at the Twisted Wheel.
  Gonna Get Along Without You

Other Dates:
24-09-66 15-02-69
Sun 10th The Wheels
Fri 15th BBC TV filmed the dancers etc in the club for the programme ‘A Whole Scene Going’
Sat 16th John Mayall - All-nighter
Sun 17th Toggery 5
Sat 23rd

Lee Dorsey - All-nighter


Do-Ray-Me was a track well known to Wheel attendees as it was often in Georgie Fames performances at the club. (‘Ya Ya’ was the ‘B’ side of Do-Ray-Me?)

He was in the Chinese restaurant on London Road Manchester around 11 p.m. before going to the Wheel in 1966 – how do we know, because we were on the table opposite him. He had Steak and chips and left some of his chips! Some bright spark that was also there took some of the chips that Lee had left on his plate after leaving and tried to sell them as souvenirs in the Wheel entrance queue later! – without any success.

‘Ride Your Pony’ was absolutely huge at the first Twisted Wheel and a big Mod favourite everywhere. Then his big pop chart hit ‘Working In a Coalmine’

‘Get Out My Life Woman’. ‘Can You Here Me’ ‘Holy Cow’ were all popular at the second Twisted Wheel.
  Ya Ya

  Ride Your Pony

  Rain Rain

Other Dates:
15-10-66 25-10-69
Sun 24th St Louis Union
Sat 30th

Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds
 - All-nighter


A.K.A.  Little Joe Cook – Doin’ Stormy Monday-Blues a track under that suedenim released via Guy Stevens on the UK Sue label.

And Buzz It's The Fuzz

Its should be Buzz off  its the Fuzz.


I remember as others do that when he was on stage the first time at the Wheel (Whitworth St) the police were in looking for people with drugs so he actually sang Buzz it’s the Fuzz coming!!


Chris was on stage again in Manchester in November at Bridgewater Hall with Allen Price on a tour called a Night at the Flamingo… he remembered a night at the Wheel and told the audience he was going to go there in a few months (to sing?) he proudly showed that he was wearing a Twisted Wheel badge!

  Out Of Time

  As 'Little' Joe Cook - Stormy Monday

Other Dates:
23-12-66 02-09-97
Sun 1st

Jimmy Cliff & The Sound System 


Lion Say – ‘King Of Kings’ also done by Prince Buster, was a Jamaica Ska groove that all the Mods loved – especially in the London clubs.
  Ska All Over The World

Other Dates:
16-07-66 03-10-66
Sat 7th Zoot Money - All-nighter
Sun 8th Ivan's Meads
Sat 14th

Ram Ram Band - All-nighter

Patti LaBelle - All-nighter

'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' didn't go down as well as "Groovy Kind Of Love" and her version of the Drifters "I Don't Want To Go On Without You" and "Take Me For A Little While".

Of course in the 80,s and 90,s her star rose again with LaBelle and "Lady Marmelade".

If my memory is correct this night at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester had the infamous 'Judas' shouting incident when Bob Dylan went electric. In the early hours of Sunday morning, the weary Wheelers at the station ran into several girls who had Bob Dylan posters and told us all about it.
  I Sold My Heart to the Junkman
  Down the Aisle

Sun 15th St Louis Union
Sat 21st

The Drifters - All-nighter

Lots of forged tickets floating about!
Read the book: 'The Manchester Wheelers' for the full story!

  This Magic Moment

  I Count the Tears

  Up On the Roof

Sun 22nd
Alan Bown Set


Robert Palmer was reput-ably in this group in the period so he may have been in the line-up at the Wheel?


‘EMERGENCY 999’ Was quite popular with the Wheel crowd as it was an original rather than the group always doing copies of our soul favorites originality was always appreciated at the Wheel!1

  Gonna Fix You Good

Other Dates:
12-02-66 31-12-66
11-06-66 26-08-67
10-09-66 11-11-67
03-12-66 30-12-67
Sat 28th Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - All-nighter
  Sweet Thing
  Tom Hanks
  Shop Around
  Let the Sun Shine In
Sun 29th
The Silverstones
Other Dates:


Sat 4th

Ben E King - All-nighter

  What Is Soul

  Cry No More

  How Can I Forget

  Teeny Weeny Little Bit

Sun 5th The Mickey Finn
they did a version of Tom Hark on Decca Records (1964)
Sat 11th

Alan Bown Set

Ink Spots

(This was NOT the original Ink Spots?)
I remember seeing the poster advertising them and I wondered at the time if it could be the original ; Does anyone know? Was it a re-constituted Ink Spots doing soul? ‘Whispering Grass’ and all.

Sun 12th Boweeval Sound Band
Sat 18th

Mike Cotton Sound - All-nighter

Sun 19th St Louis Union
Sat 25th

Roy ‘C’ - All-nighter


‘Shotgun Wedding’ was unbelievably MASSIVE at the Wheel. Then it became a chart hit on the UK pop charts.


Put in the Labels – twisytin pneumonia



  Back in My Arms

  I'll Never Leave You Lonely

  She Kept On Walking

  Open Letter to The President

Sun 26th Ivan's Meads
Sat 2nd

Orlons  - All-nighter

The wonderful, wonderful Orlons!

For us it was their records – ‘The Wah-Watusi’ ‘Don’t Throw Your Love Away’ ‘Don’t Hang Up’, ‘Crossfire’ and a ‘B’ side: a great soul recording of Elvis’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ to be honest most of these tracks were played at the Blue Note more than at the Wheel.
Later it was ‘Spinnin Top’ that caught on with the Northern Soul crowd.
I was at this All-nighter but remember nothing of it- if you have read the novel The Manchester Wheelers you might know why as often the folks who went took certain substances then they forgot why they were there and danced or talked all night and in the morning said; bloody heck I missed them! And they were the reason that I went last night, specifically to see them!

  Knock Knock

  Mashed Potato

  South Street

Sun 3rd Stuart Charles String Band
Sat 9th

Rufus Thomas - All-nighter


From STAX that ‘Walking The Dog’ man.


‘Jump Back’ was quite a popular track at the first ‘Wheel’ and at Whitworth Street Rufus’s hit there was ‘ Willy Nilly’ and prior to that the track with his daughter Carla: ‘When You Move You Lose’.

  All Night Worker

Sun 10th Listen
Sat 16th Jimmy Cliff - All-nighter
Sun 17th The Voids
Sat 23rd

Solomon Burke - All-nighter


Gotta Get You Offa My Mind – a great soul.

Song very popular at all the Soul clubs but especially at the Wheel. I heard recently that the inspiration for it by Solomon was not about forgetting a lost lover but it was brought on by thinking about the sadness brought to him by the death of Sam Cook.


 At the second Twisted Wheel his most popular record was probably ‘Keep Looking’


 Others were: ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’, ‘Down In The Valley’, ‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’, ‘If You Need Me’,  ‘Cry To Me’

Sat 30th

The Cream - All-nighter



Oh well Cream were based upon Blues and their records were good, They were fans of Albert King and played a couple of his numbers at the Wheel, Eric Clapton was pretty good.


 I Feel Free’

  ‘Strange Brew’


They did record Albert Kings ‘ Born Under A Bad Sign’

And Howlin’ Wolfs ‘Spoonful’

And ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ originally by -----------------?

Joe Tex (cancelled several times)

He never actually turned up to any of his announced appearances at the Wheel, always cancelling.

Good thing we were on holiday!
 Around this time several of us were on Holiday in Devon: Torquay 1966 - at the Compass Club (and next year 67' too).

All that great Joe Tex stuff cancelled!

C. C Rider
Woman Like That Yeah
A Sweet Woman Like You
That’s The Way The Girls Are From Texas
Skinny Legs (and All)
  Hold On To What You've Got
Show Me
If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
  One Monkey Don't Stop dont Stop No SHow

Sun 31st The Silverstones
Sat 4th Mike Cotton Sound - All-nighter
Sat 13th John Mayall & the Blues Breakers - All-nighter
Sat 20th
Geno Washington

  Puppet On a String

Other Dates:
21-01-67 18-11-67
18-02-67 20-01-68
22-04-67 23-03-68
The Ram Jam Band
Sat 27th

Zoot Moneys Big Roll Band - All-nighter


Sat 3rd

Jimmy Cliff - All-nighter


Taking all his fabulous Stax,Sue, Atlantic, Chess and Stateside records ext with him.
Some of this story is told in the book:  'The Manchester Wheelers'

Sat 10th

Alan Bown Set

Sun 11th
Other Dates:
04-12-66 05-03-67
31-12-66 17-06-67
Sat 17th Steam Packet
Sun 18th Victor Brox Blues Train
Sat 24th

The Vibrations - All-nighter


The return of this time an original set of some from the Vibrations line up?

Sun 25th
Gin House 
Other Dates:
Sat 1st

The Mad Lads - All-nighter


Sugar Sugar’ was indeed a huge 45 hit at the Wheel.

Others they did were: ‘Get Out Of My Life’ (version of Lee Dorsey’s hit), ‘Don’t Have To Shop Around’

Sun 2nd T-Bones
Sat 8th

Garnet Mimms - All-nighter


His records were very highly prized at the Wheel:

 Looking For You

  Cry Baby

It Was Easier To Hurt Her

  A Quiet Place

  For Your Precious Love

Sun 9th
The Score
Other Dates:

Shotgun Express - All-nighter


 The Advertised Act was GARNET MIMMs

But it may have been – The Shotgun Express stepping in for the missing Garnet Mimms:


Another reincarnated group from Rod Stewart:

Is that Beryl ???

Group members-  Beryl Marsden, John Moorshead, Peter Bardens, Rod Stewart.

  I Could Feel The Whole World Turning

Sat 15th

Lee Dorsey - All-nighter


Advertised 'Drifters', but they Cancelled and Lee stepped in.

  Ride You Pony

  O Me O My O

  Sneaking Sally Through The Alley

  Holy Cow

Sun 16th The Lonely Ones
Sat 27th

Edwin Starr - All-nighter


"When I was Starting out in the Sixties, Manchester was vital... I Played the Twisted Wheel so many times I felt like I lived there"


  SOS - Stop Her On Sight

  I Have Faith In You

  Edwin Speaks

  Back Street


We had looked forward to this man for a long time: we had his records on the Polydor Label long before he became a Star at motown and even his 'B' sides made it big especially 'I Have Faith In You' - FANTASTIC Soul music!!!

More about Edwin @

Other Dates:
04-02-67 11-05-68
11-03-67 24-01-70
27-01-68 21-02-70
03-02-68 30-01-71


Sun 28th Roll Movement
Sat 5th

Dixie Cups - All-nighter


On the UK RED BIRD Label.


Barbara Ann and Rosa Lee Hawkins; and their cousin Joan Marie Johnson, from New Orleans.


At the first Twisted Wheel it was ‘IKO IKO’ and ‘People Say’ that were played relentlessly and ‘IKO IKO’ was really huge. At the second Wheel it was ‘What Kind Of Fool’ that became the HUGE favourite. ‘Chapel of Love’ and their version of ‘Danny Boy’ were also played. They thought that their single 'Danny Boy' their new release (selling fairly well in Manchester at Ralph's records) after they left Red Bird for HMV was popular at the club... but oh heavens no it was the brilliant 'B' side that everyone LOVED.


  Live - Iko Iko

  I'm Gonna Get You Yet

  Girls Can Tell

Sun 6th

Victor Brox

Sat 12th Ben E King - All-nighter
Sun 13th Wynder K Frog  (Turn On Your Lovelight)
Sat 19th

The Original Coasters - All-nighter


The real ones?

The Coasters: the original Coasters with 'The Noblemen' backing them.

"Little Egypt" but no no Shopping for Clothes?

  Yakery Yak

  Charlie Brown

  Along Came Jones

  Secret Of Your Success

  Young Blood

Sun 20th VIP's
Sat 26th

The Score

Mike Cotton Sound - All-nighter




Alan Bown Set - All-nighter


Sat 10th

The Drifters - All-nighter


real - fake ? (At The Club – Sing Sing Sing)


  We Gotta Sing

  One Way Love

Sat 17th John Mayall - All-nighter
Sun 18th

Victor Brox


Still doing Trumpet Solo's!


Fri 23rd Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds
Sat 24th

~: Christmas Eve :~

St Louis Union - All-nighter
The Lemon Line
Other Dates:
Sun 25th

~: Christmas Day :~

Dawn Breakers
Mon 26th Boxing Day
Boob's Party Night
Sat 31st

~: New Years Eve :~

The Soul Sisters - All-nighter
Alan Bown Set - All-nighter
Cock-A-Hoops - All-nighter
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