1967 - Whitworth St
Sat 7th

The Spellbinders - All-nighter


Two GIGANTIC hits at the Whitworth Street Wheel: On the CBS label ‘Help Me’ ‘Chain Reaction’ from Bob Shivers, Jimmy Wright, Ben Grant, McArthur Munford, and that fantastic lead voice of Eloise Pennington.


  For You

  Baby I Missed You



Sun 8th Longstack Humphreys
Sat 14th

Alvin Cash and the Crawlers - All-nighters


Somehow I missed this show, and was so horrified, but was rescued from my state of  loss by a pal who organised a mass outing on the train to Warringtom Co-Op Halls were Alvin was performing the day after – Sunday night.


Sunday 15th Warrington Co-op Hall - Alvin Cash


He had also appeared at the nearby USAF base  and told the audience that later in the week they were heading south and flying out of Mildenhall AFB to sing for the troops in Vietnam.


  Twine Time The Philly Freeze Alvins Boo-Galoo The Ali Shuffle The Charge
 At the Wheel we had been dancing to Alvin, courtesy of Roger Eagle playing Twine Time in 64 on the Stateside label and in 65 the freezing cold outside and the entire club froze on the spot when Alvin said FREEZE.
At the Co-Op Alvin did the singing whilst his three brothers did acrobatic cartwheels around him.. don’t think they could have had the space for this gymnastic display at the Wheel?

Twine Time - Alvin & his acrobatic Brothers Twine Time - Stateside Label 64
The Philly Freeze Doin' The Ali Shuffle - Ooo Wee
The Boston Monkey Barracuda
Sun 15th
Richard Kent Style
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26-02-67 5-09-67
10-06-67 10-02-68
Sat 21st Geno Washington, The Ram Jam Band - All-nighters
Sun 22nd Ivan's Meads
Sat 28th Georgie Fame - All-nighters
Sun 29th

Victor Brox


Sat 4th

Edwin Starr - All-nighters
We had Edwin's 45's on the UK Polydor label and several Manchester Soul Mod's had 'Agent Double O Soul' on an American import: Ric Tik. We got lots of imports from mail order auction lists.
 “We asked Edwin questions and he told us he recorded ‘SOS’ at a little recording studio in Detroit, with some guys from Motown. When it became a hit the chiefs at Motown were pissed - he meant annoyed not drunk, and they bought the entire studio, Golden World, to get at Edwin’s recordings. He said it was a great deal for him as he always wanted to be signed to Motown, but not so good for the other acts there.” From the book: The Manchester Wheelers.

  Agent 00 Soul - Vocal
  Rik Tic Agent 00 Soul - Instrumental
  Headline News

Sun 5th Haydock's Rockhouse
Sat 11th Zoot Money - All-nighters
Sun 12th Gin House
Sat 18th

Geno Washington - All-nighters

The Ram Jam Band - All-nighters
Sun 19th
The Go-Go's
Other Dates:
Sat 25th Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds - All-nighters
Sun 26th Richard Kent Style
Sat 4th Lee Dorsey - All-nighters
Sun 5th Cock-A-Hoops
Sat 11th Edwin Starr  - All-nighters
Sun 12th
Midnight Train
Other Dates:
16-04-67 04-11-67
Sat 18th

Alan Price set - All-nighters


Allan kicked off with his version of Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Clubs Band.
Went into a medley on the Hammond organ: House of The rising Sun leading into his singles – versions of stateside artists recordings: ‘Any Day Now’ (Chuck Jackson’), ‘I’ll Put a Spell On You’ (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins/Nina Simone) and others and of course ran the risk of the meeting the Wheel chauvinism or reversed apartheid attitude ‘as only black people can do the Blues and Soul thing requiring feeling’ and needing that authoritative suffering ingredient. But Allen was from a rough part of Tyneside and his playing of the Hammond organ was enough to win us over.

Sun 19th Victor Brox
Sat 25th

Original Drifters - All-nighters

Easter Saturday (Blackpool)


The March Poster advertised 'Solomon Burke', But was he cancelled for the Drifters to appear instead…


And so they were not the REAL ONES!


“What about the Drifters, I thought you girls liked them the most?” asked Angelo.


“Yeah, we all do,” answered a group of girls he was talking to in the café on Victoria station, the morning after the All-nighter. I think he was surprised by the knowledge that the leader of this group of girls had, when she said: “Did you know the Drifters go back to the very early fifties? Their original lead singer was Clyde McPhatter. Later, Johnny Moore did the lead, but they had an argument with their manager and he just went out and got a completely new group. That’s what started out several Drifters groups doing live tours in the USA, and two going round England.”


She continued: “On my LP it’s got the names as Ben E. King, Charlie Thomas, Dock Green, Elsbeary Hobbs and Reggie Kimber. And not one of those guys here the other week looked anything like their photograph on my LP cover. Ben E. King wasn’t one of them, he went solo years ago.” She paused, reached into her handbag and put more Wrigley’s Gum into her mouth. After chewing for a bit, she said: “When Ben E. King left, the lead singer was Rudy Lewis and he died soon after. That’s when Johnny Moore became the lead singer.”


“How do you know all this stuff?” asked Angelo, sort of amazed. Usually it was blokes that could spout such details, which were often designed to impress other Soul obsessives.


“Oh, your friend Roland gave me and Pat two tickets. He had loads of tickets, he’d printed them. They were forgeries, but we got in no problem. After the Drifters had finished, we went into the room at the back to talk to them. We got in because their manager was a nice lady called Fay. We spoke to the oldest guy, Johnny.”


“We told them all their records are just fantastic, and it was him who told us the recent Drifters story. He said he’d been in the group twice and he was really annoyed that there were loads of Drifters fakes. He said guys are just going around pretending to be the real ones, like Bill Pinkney’s Original Drifters, who’ve only got one of the early Fifties members. He told us he was the only real one left – the only lead singer that is. He thought it was only happening over in the States, but he said he was pissed about the number of them operating in England. It was funny – I didn’t think he was pissed, he didn’t look drunk… did he Pat?” She was looking at Pat, who looked over with glazed eyes and didn’t respond. Then she laughed and explained: “We thought he meant he was drunk, but in America pissed means angry. He told us he was pals with the Dells, and they had even more imitators in the USA than the Drifters!”


More chewing intervened, and she made a final statement: “Well, he was a very nice man, Johnny Moore was.”


“Especially so, as you got in free as well!” said Angelo. “Maybe they were the other ones with this guy, just pretending to be one of the blokes on the records.” He told her about DL asking one of the Drifters tribes to sing a request, and they turned out to be the Invitations!



And was that Johnny the real J Moore?


A lot of the ‘Manchester Wheelers missed these ‘Drifters’ going to Blackpool as an advanced party getting drunk on the Saturday – spending the weekend at the seaside – looking for Greasers .. trying to re-live old times!

Sat 1st

Mary Wells - All-nighters


We didn’t know it at the time but Mary was having big problems and had left Motown.


An interesting story that came out in the 1980’s was about  Raynoma Gordy Singleton, Berry Gordy’s second wife who helped him set up Motown. The couple got divorced and Raynoma married Eddie Singleton who had a record company in Washington; Shrine Records. To bet cash to start the enterprise as Raynoma related in her book: Berry, Me and Motown she had took and generated 500 pressings of ‘My Guy’ by Mary Wells from the master tape.  Berry brought in the FBI and had the couple arrested and recovered their assets, resulting in the rapid demise also of Shrine Records.


The Wheel crows at the old and new Wheel alike kloved Mary wells recordings


‘You Beat Me To The Punch’, What’s Easy For Two, of course ‘MY GUY’, ‘Two Lovers’, and later ‘Dear Lover’ and ‘Use Your Head’.

Sun 2nd The Puzzle
Sat 8th

Ben E King - All-nighters

The Senate
from Glasgow backed Ben E King
Other Dates:
Sun 9th
Life 'n' Soul
Other Dates:
03-06-67 05-09-67
Sat 15th

Georgie Fame - All-nighters
At this time  he was doin’ ‘Sweet Thing’ (Motown/Detroit – Spinners).

Sun 16th Midnight Train
Sat 22nd

Geno Washington

The Ram Jam Band - All-nighters
Sun 23rd Milton James Band
Sat 29th

Original Drifters - All-nighters

The Adabi's put up the price of entery after the last Drifters ticket fraud.

Sun 30th
Root and Jenny Jackson
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High Timers
Sat 6th

Zoot Money and the Big Roll Band - All-nighters

Sun 7th The Lemon Line
Sat 13th The Action - All-nighters
Sun 14th Root and Jenny Jackson
Sat 20th

Tony Merrick Scene - All-nighters

(Allen Bown Set, replaced by T Merrick scene?)

Tony Merrick was later in Sweet Marriage

(Did a 45 of stones- Lady Jane)

Sun 21st Nelson Fletcher Line
Sat 27th

Lucas & the Mike Cotton Sound - All-nighters

You can see that the live acts are going South around this time! So we did too and went to Devon on holiday (Compass Club).

Sun 28th Shotgun Package
Sat 3rd Life 'n' Soul - All-nighters
Sun 4th Blue Angels
Sat 10th

Richard Kent Style - All-nighters




Sun 11th Root and Jenny Jackson
Sat 17th

Cock-A-Hoops - All-nighters

Named after that great track by Manfred Mann?

Sun 18th Midnight Train
Sat 24th

The Epics - All-nighters



Sun 25th The Go-Go's
Sat 1st

Ivans Meads - All-nighters

Sat 8th Root and Jenny Jackson - All-nighters
Sat 15th

Geno Washington - All-nighters


last a good All-nighter after several months of not so good acts.

The Ram Jam Band

Dave - Got the DJ job at The BLUE NOTE around this time, in the belief that it was unlikely that anyone good would be on again at the Wheel on a Saturday and fed up with the same old - same old UK bands coming around again and again. So why not DJ and get to play everything that I liked!

Sat 21st Long John Baldry - All-nighters
The fix
Sat 28th

Victor Brox - All-nighters

Sat 5th Life 'n' Soul - All-nighters
Sat 12th St. Louis Union - All-nighters
Sat 19th Powerhouse - All-nighters
Sat 26th Alan Bown Set - All-nighters
Sun 27th Soul Set
Sat 2nd Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds  - All-nighters
Sat 9th

Georgie Fame - All-nighters

In Salford at ‘The Devonshire’ - to see as advertised in the Manchester evening news: The TEMPTATIONS, but these were the Invitations…! At a Salford Working Mens club!

Picture from the great artistic labels website see:

Stateside had been deleted and many Manchester Soul Mod's reverted to bidding for an import on USA auction mailing lists.

Sat 15th Richard Kent Style - All-nighters
Sat 22nd The Action - All-nighters
Sat 30th Graham Bond - All-nighters
Sat 7th
Ferris Wheel



Some group members were first with Emile Ford & the Checkmates and West Five. Dave Sweetman (saxophone), George Sweetman (bass, vocals), and Barry Reeves (drums) had played in the Checkmates, the backing band to Emile Ford (who was half-brother to Dave and George Sweetman), while Mike Liston (keyboards, vocals) had been with a group called the West Five. Trinidad-born Diane Ferraz (vocals) had recorded as part  of the duo of Diane & Nicky, in tandem with vocalist Nicky Scott, under the auspices of Simon Napier-Bell, best remembered as the second manager of the Yardbirds; and guitarist Keith Anthony filled up the last instrumental spot in the group. The band’s original name was Diane Ferraz & the Simon’s Triangle, but that arrangement -- with the others designated as Ferraz’s backing group -- proved awkward and irrelevant when the whole act jelled as a unit, and Sweetman and Liston also both proved good vocalists in their own right. For a new name, they selected the Ferris Wheel, taking off from Ferraz’s family name.
The Ferris Wheel quickly became one of the most popular club acts in England, with their mix of soul music

spiced with the influence of the psychedelic music that was starting to spread across the pop world. Vocally their sound was centered around Motown, but instrumentally they were very much a part of the London scene of the time -- there were no Mellotrons or sitars, but lots of guitar arabesques and extended ornate organ swells, and all of it was woven together well with the soul sound. Ferraz showed herself capable of crossing swords with Diana Ross or Martha Reeves or, together, all three vocalists could sound as smooth as the Fifth Dimension. The group was signed to Pye Records by producer John Schroeder, who was, himself, a major figure in soul music in England, having arranged for the release of many of Motown Records’

singles on that side of the Atlantic. It was Schroeder who decided to break the group by issuing a complete LP, Can’t Break the Habit, rather than starting with a single. This was a bold and appropriate decision -- the group’s range was so great and its command of various musical idioms so strong, and its act honed so well after six months of playing clubs, that it was well capable of delivering a dozen worthwhile songs. The Supremes, Carla Thomas, and other influences abounded, and all were given a unique spin. A trio of singles followed, drawn from the album, but none of them charted. The sextet stayed together for another year, but there followed a label switch and numerous membership changes over the next couple of years, most   notably Ferraz’s departure (from the music business as well, to raise a family), to be replaced by Marsha Hunt and then Linda Lewis. The group issued one more album, a self-titled release on Polydor in England and the MCA subsidiary label Uni in America (though they never had any impact in the United States. In subsequent years, George Sweetman passed through the line-up of Medicine Head while Barry Reeves joined Blossom Toes and Brian Auger & the Trinity, and latter-day drummer Dennis Elliott was subsequently a member of Foreigner.
The group was mostly forgotten during the later ’70s and ’80s, and Can’t Break the Habit was one ofthe rarest LP releases in the Pye catalog. The burgeoning nostalgia for mid-1960’s mod and
   freakbeat" records, coupled with the ubiquitous Northern Soul boom of the late ’90s, seemed to make a rediscovery not only called for but likely. In 2000, Sequel Records issued an expanded edition of Can’t Break the Habit, complete with annotation that included reminiscences by Diane Ferraz. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide
[Artical taken from]

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04-11-67 08-06-68
02-12-67 31-08-68
06-01-68 25-01-69
30-03-68 08-03-69
Sat 14th

Junior Walker And The All Stars - All-nighters

At last after a long drought a Stateside Soul act of excellence:
De Walt At The Wheel!

See the book – The MANCHESTER WHEELERS a novel about this night.

Other Dates:
18-01-69 21-03-70
Sat 21st

Tuesdays Children - All-nighters

Sat 28th Lucas and the Mike Cotton Sound - All-nighters
Sat 4th

Midnight Train - All-nighters

Ferris Wheel - All-nighters
Sat 11th Alan Bown - All-nighters
Sat 18th Geno Washington - All-nighters
Sat 25th Ben E King - All-nighters
The Senate

Amboy Dukes

Featured Ted Nugent.

Other Dates:
24-02-68 18-05-68
Sat 2nd

Ferris Wheel - All-nighters

Sat 9th

Shell Shock Show

(due to Joe Tex being CANCELLED – AGAIN!) -1967


[No information about The Shell Shock Show – we must have taken the Amphetamine Shell Shock Show instead!]

Sat 16th Vibrations - All-nighters
Sat 23rd
Jimmy James and the Vagabonds
 - All-nighters
Other Dates:
03-02-68 02-03-68
Sun 24th ~: Christmas Eve :~
Shell Shock Road Show
Tue 26th ~: Boxing Day :~
Bonanza Disc Show
Sat 30th Alan Bown - All-nighters
Sun 31st ~: New Years Eve :~
Lucas & The Mike Cotton Sound
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