1968 - Whitworth St
Sat 6th Ferris Wheel - All-nighter
Sat 13th Lucas and the Mike Cotton Sound - All-nighter

The Mike Cotton Sound's version of Soul Serenade was the theme tune for Mike Raven's radio Soul show in 1968; many people bought it believing it to be the original which was from King Curtis. In 1966 they had released their version of Harlem Shuffle.

Sat 20th

Geno Washington

The Ram Jam Band - All-nighter
Sat 27th

Edwin Starr - All-nighter

Sat 3rd

Jimmy James

Edwin Starr - All-nighter


He did 'Twenty Five Miles' wow what a voice, he didn't need a microphone he boomed out a very long version of his new record, whilst stamping his feet and marching from side to side across the stage.

 Wheel Flyers – courtesy of  'Harry' (from Sale).

Sat 10th Richard Kent Style - All-nighter
Sun 11th
James and Bobby Purify
(James & Bobby Purify CANCELLED)
Other Dates:
25-05-68 13-12-69
Unknown DJ Records - All-nighter
Sat 17th

Robert Parker - All-nighter


We was 'barefootin' ever since we was two, or at least doin' it for several years already, when? In 1966 ‘Barefootin’ had hit the dancers at the Wheel. Robert removed his shoes to do the number at this classic All-nighter a reverential accolade to this brilliant song. Obviously he did ‘Lets Go Baby’ where the action is… that great accompanying ‘B’ side song on the same piece of fantastic ‘Island’ vinyl that had ‘Barefootin’’
The ’B’ side of WI-286 was almost as popular ‘Let's Go Baby (Where the Action Is)’.

Sat 24th

Amboy Dukes



Sat 2nd Jimmy James and the Vagabonds  - All-nighter
Sat 9th
Freddie Mack Show - All-nighter


Freddie Mack (15 September 1934 – 11 January 2009), sometimes also spelled Freddy Mack and also known as Mr. Superbad, was a retired light-heavyweight boxer who later enjoyed success in the UK as a singer and DJ.

 Biography:  From Wikipeadia

Other Dates:

He was born on a cotton plantation in Bennettsville, South Carolina, to father Fred Mack, black American foreman of the Carolina Breeding Estate and mother Florence Purvis, an Italian kitchen worker originally from Bracciano, just outside Rome, Italy.

A childhood friend of Floyd Patterson, who introduced him to boxing at Cus D'Amato's gym on 14th Street, Manhattan,[2] he accompanied Floyd, as an alternate, to the 1952 Helsinki Olympics in Finland where Patterson took the Gold medal for the United States.

As a light-heavyweight boxer, he reached 3rd place in the world ranking. After 66 professional fights he became a sparring partner for, among others, Henry Cooper, Billy Walker (The Blonde Bomber) and John "Cowboy" McCormack.

After living some time in Rome, he retired to England, c. 1965, where he was introduced to the movie scene by fight fans Sir Richard Burton and Rex Harrison. Freddie enjoyed a short film career especially his part in Cleopatra where, as one of the black slaves, he carried Elizabeth Taylor into Rome.[4] He can also be found in small acting roles in the Invisible Man, Two Escapes from Singh Singh with Donald Pleasance, The Great Rock n Roll Swindle with the Sex Pistols and Scotland's very own Taggart.

Then he embarked on yet another initially successful career as a singer/entertainer backed by an ever-changing band of British jazz and R&B musicians.

His first "group" was an R&B show with singers, dancers and two bands. This settled down into one backing band, called "The Mack Sound" put together by baritone sax player Roger Warwick. The band featured four to five horns, including, for a time, Otis Redding's trombone player Clarence Johnson, and full rhythm section with Alan Cartwright and B.J. Wilson.

From 1967 onwards his line-ups for the "Freddie Mack Sound", the "Fantastic Freddie Mack Show" or the "Freddie Mack Extravaganza" included, variously, Mel Day (vocals), Ray Lewis (bass), Dave Roffey (lead guitar), Ged Peck (lead guitar), Rod Jones (bass), Dick Morrissey (tenor sax), B.J. Wilson (drums), Alan Cartwright (bass), Johnny Orlando (vocals), Eddie 'Tan Tan' Thomas (trumpet), Brian Morris (keyboards), Tex Makin (bass), Art Regis(Organ), Viv Prince (Drums), Derry Wilkie (vocals), Tony Gomez (keyboards), Tony Morgan (vocals), Kookie Etan (vocals) and Chris Burdett (Tenor Saxophone) among many others.

In 1969 he was arrested for being an illegal alien in the UK but managed to avoid deportation.

At the end of 1974, Mack signed to K-Tel Records as Mr. Superbad and recorded many records under this label. He also sang on the 1975 hit "Kung Fu Man" on UltraFunk for Contempo Records.

He went to live in Glasgow in 1979 and spent the time from then till his retirement in 2005 working as a Radio DJ and doing gigs with his Disco Show. His sexy American voice and his love of Soul Music could be heard over the airwaves of Radio Clyde every Saturday night for many years.

In 1981, his strong American voice featured on the Tight Fit megamix song Back To The Sixties. The track reached number 4 in the UK Charts. His words are at the start of the song and are "Wam Bam Alakazam, that's the sound, the super sound of the 60's, going back and checking it out, ready for some more? Hit that floor! The great days are back again!"

In 2001 he founded The Scot's Boxing Hall of Fame of which he was named President and there have been three Induction Events with a fourth on 13 September 2008 in the Quality Inn, Glasgow Central Hotel.

Between 2002 and 2003 he presented the Superbad Saturday Night programme on Lanarkshire radio station Clan FM which was a mix of soul music and chat. Mack died on January 11, 2009


  • The Fantastic Freddy Mack Show (live 1966) - (Rayrik TPLMP 142/143)

As Freddie Mack's Extravanganza In Sounds (Extravaganza is misspelt on 7" release):

  • A: People - Part One; B: People - Part Two 1973

As Mr Superbad:

  • Superbad is Back 1973 (released only in America)

  • Superbad 1974

  • Souled Out 1975

  • Soul Motion 1976

  • Soul City 1977

  • Superbad Returns 1981

Sat 16th

The Fantastics - All-nighter



‘Something Old Something New’

Was written by Scottish songwriter Roger Cook.

Other Dates:
04-05-68 26-09-70
Sat 23rd Geno Washington - All-nighter
Sat 30th Ferris Wheel - All-nighter
Sat 6th

The Foundations - All-nighter


‘Baby Now That I Found You’

An English home grown Soul band.

‘Baby Now That I've Found You’ - Pye 1966 reached UK no1 in the pop charts.
’Build Me Up Buttercup’ – 1968
Sat 13th Ferris Wheel - All-nighter
Sat 20th

J. J. Jackson - All-nighter


A huge man with huge appreciation and huge hits at the Whitworth Street Twisted Wheel.

Sho Nuff (Got A Good Thing Going)’, ‘But Its Alright’

Other Dates:
23-11-68 12-04-69
Sat 27th All-nighter - Ike and Tina Turner Revue - All-nighter


Courtesy of FLICKER: - Live in Ghana 68


Simply ADOURED by the Wheel crowd. How did they all get on that small stage? the Ikettes too!


Fool In Love- London 1960
Its Gonna Work Out Fine - London 1961
I Cant Believe What You Say  - Sue 1964
OOH - POO - PAH – DOO - Sue
Finger Poppin - (Loma USA 1964)
My Baby Now 1964
SOMEBODY (NEEDS YOU) (Loma 1965 USA,  Warner Bros UK)
Poor Fool -   Sue 1965
FingerPoppin - Warner Bros 1965
A Love Like Yours – London

I Idolize You


Oh Baby (Things Ain’t What They Used To Be)

Anything You Wasn't Born With - HMV 1966
River Deep Mountain High - London 1966
Please Please Please - Sue 1967
Tell Her I'm Not Home - Warner Bros 1967

‘Its Gonna Work Out Fine’ was done by Manfred Mann – who of course had the UK hit with the song. ‘I Cant Believe What You Say’ was played to death and beyond at the Brazrenose St,. Wheel but no one ever tired of hearing it.   

The Ikettes


I’M So Thankful’

‘What Cha Gonna Do’

‘I’m Blue (Gong, Gong, Song)’

I’M So Thankful  andWhat Cha Gonna Do’ were their Wheel hits!

The original Ikettes had quite and set up in their own right in 1965, so the ones at the Wheel were a new set; Pat Arnold (aka P. P. Arnold),Juanita Hixson, Gloria Scott and Maxine Smith.

One had a broken arm and turned out to be P.P. Arnold who stayed in the UK becoming a girl friend of Mick Jaegers and doing some great tracks – ‘The First Cut Is The deepest’ (Cat Stevens).

Sat 4th The Fantastics - All-nighter
Sat 11th Edwin Starr - All-nighter
Sat 18th Amboy Dukes - All-nighter
Sat 25th

James & Bobby Purify - All-nighter


‘I’m Your Puppet’ was and of course still is a fantastic Soul number. Written by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. They also did: ‘Shake A Tailfeather’ a version of the original by The Five Du-Tones.



‘Let Love Come Between Us’ 67


‘I Don’t Want To Have To Wait’


‘I Take What I Want’

Sat 1st

Oscar Toney Junior - All-nighter


Direct from the USA: First of several appearances of the man who did a copy version of Joe Simons: ‘No Sad Songs’.
Did a version of Jerry Butlers ‘For Your Precious Love’

Other Dates:
09-11-68 14-02-70
Sat 8th

Ferris Wheel - All-nighter




Sat 15th Summer All-nighter - Records
Sat 22nd

Summer All-nighter - Records

Gary US Bonds (not sure he turned up?)


New Orleans

‘Quarter to Three’

Sat 29th

Summer All-nighter (DJ’s records)

Sat 6th Joe Cocker & Grease Band - All-nighter
Sat 13th Summer All-nighter - Records
Sat 20th Summer All-nighter - Records
Sat 27th Summer All-nighter - Records
Sat 3rd Summer All-nighter - Records
Sat 10th Summer All-nighter - Records
Sat 17th

Summer All-nighter - Records


A drought of live acts: in fact nobody was really concerned, we only favoured the original USA Soul acts. The crowd at the Wheel were much more interested in the records than any home grown Soul acts. Many All-nighter goers would dance till midnight at the Blue Note then pop around the corner to continue all night at the Wheel.


As Rosco Robinson said 'That's Enough'.

Sat 24th Ben E King - All-nighter
Sat 31st Ferris Wheel - All-nighter
Sat 7th Ben E King - All-nighter

Ben was backed by the counts

Sat 14th

Clyde McPhatter - All-nighter


The man with a great Soul and R&B voice however over the years it changed. His first memorable hit with the Drifters was ‘Lovers Question’.


A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues’ was a standard that almost every UK beat and R&B band ‘had to doo’ in the early 1960’s!

Sat 21st All-nighter - Records

Apparently many of the clubs own record collection were stolen around this time.
However the fact was that the club in reality had only a meagre record collection as it was the DJ's and their friends and the clientele who owned the best and most sought after records. It wasn't the first panic on this subject and it was not to be the last. After Roger Eagle left a few years earlier taking his record collection to the Blue Note club, the Adabi Brothers, Jack and Ivor set up a link with Ralph's records for supply of Soul releases - of course by this time the vast bulk of popular 45's were long since deleted.
I heard Ivor recently (2009) stating on a radio interview that all the clubs imported singles had a little hole punched in them to denote Wheel ownership: this is probably memory loss on his part as every record collector knows that all second-hand/returned 45's to distributors in the USA were thus marked so they could not be re-sold as new, or claimed once again for a returns fee. These record found their way across the Atlantic as second hand 'as new' 45's often sold via mail order auctions advertised in the UK music press.

Sat 28th

Bruce Channel - All-nighter


Hey Baby'
An eternal favourite 45 at Both Wheels. Delbert McClinton was the man playing the Harmonica on this record and was so appreciated by John Lennon that he took up the ‘Gob Organ’ and used it effectively on the Beatles early releases.

Sat 5th All-nighter - Records
Sat 12th All-nighter - Records
Sat 17th All-nighter - Records
Sat 26th All-nighter - Records
Sat 2nd
The Showstoppers - All-nighter

Both sides of The SHOW STOPPERS vinyl were huge hits at the Wheel in 68’ – ‘A: "AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A HOUSE PARTY" It was also a chart hit in the UK. The ‘B’ side was almost as big a hit at the club too: "WHAT CAN A MAN DO".

Other Dates:
17-01-70 25-04-70
Sat 9th Oscar Toney Junior - All-nighter
Sat 16th Oscar Toney Junior - All-nighter
Sat 23rd

J. J. Jackson - All-nighter


Once again he 'Sho Nuff' had a good thing goin’ that night!

Sat 30th All-nighter - Records
Sat 7th
The Bandwagon

'Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache' a great paced dance track.

Other Dates:
28-12-68 28-02-70
08-02-69 12-09-70
19-04-69 10-10-70
26-12-69 26-12-70
Sat 14th Original Drifters - All-nighter
Sat 21st All-nighter - Records
Sat 28th The Bandwagon - All-nighter
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