1969 - Whitworth St
Sat 4th Selofane - All-nighter
No information ????
Sat 11th Billy Stewart - All-nighter

If you had asked me I would have said that Billy Stewart appeared at the Wheel years before this date in 69’ – it just goes to show how memory gets confused with age! I certainly went, no way would I have missed this great Soul master from Chess Records.
His appearance at the Wheel had been long anticipated and his performance lived upto, possibly even surpassed expectations. Certainly one of the top ranking performances at the Wheel.
A superb pianist accompanying himself on piano to ‘Sitting in the Park’ and ‘I Do Love You’. Billy had a minor chart hit with ‘Summertime’ a George Gershwin song from Porgy & Bess.
Stuttering ‘Summertime’ was superb. It was a strange recording that was not seriously taken up by the Wheel crowd until that night when he exploded with it and repeating it several times. After that many who attended had to buy a copy. The other more salacious story of stuttering ‘Summertime’ and Billy and some Wheel girls – well to know about that you will have to read: THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS.

He followed ‘Summertime’ up with ‘Secret Love’. Our favourites at the Brazennose Street, Wheel were: ‘Sitting In the Park’ ‘I Do Love You’, ‘Fat Boy’, ‘No Girl’. Especially ‘I Do Love You’. And At Whitworth Street it was of course the brilliant ‘Because I Love You’ and then ‘Summertime’. He also did 'Reap What You Sow' and 'Strange Feeling' a really great song, once again showing off his amazing and unique vocalisations.

Sat 18th Junior Walker & The All Stars - All-nighter

Said to be just as good as his first appearance - that great saxophonist Mr Autry de Walt. I didn't get to this one, but I sure was at the first.

(Sixth Anniversary year)
Sat 25th

Ferris Wheel - All-nighter

Sat 1st Root and Jenny Jackson - All-nighter
Sat 8th Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon - All-nighter
Sat 15th

New Vibrations - All-nighter

Sat 22nd US Flat Top Road Show - All-nighter
Sat 1st Ben E King - All-nighter
Sat 8th Ferris Wheel - All-nighter
Sat 15th

Marv Johnson - All-nighter

‘You Got What It Takes’

 ‘I’ll Pick A Rose For My Rose’ very popular with the girls this track was.


Marve Johnson was the first ever Motown recording artist and it was Berry Gordy who wrote for him. ‘Come To Me’ was that first record then later he did ‘ I love How You Love’ released in the UK on the LONDON American Recordings Label in 1960.

He returned as a Motown artist in 1967 and had a hit with ‘I’ll Pick A Rose For My Rose’.

Other Dates:
11-10-69 06-06-70
Sat 22nd

G Cleffs - All-nighter


The first real Doo Wop group to appear at the Wheel (if indeed it was them?).

"Ka-Ding-Dong", was their big hit in 1956: were they still around and together all these years later in 69' or was it some other outfit? I think it’s the later that’s more likely.

Sat 29th Ben E King - All-nighter

(Return visit by Demand) Ben was always in demand

"Cry No More", "What Is Soul" and "Tears Tears Tears" were massive favourites at the time in the club

Sat 5th
Ronettes - All-nighter

Rock & Roll at the Wheel!

Classified as a girl Rock n Roll group but still loved by the 60's Mod's, anyhow, by this time the Wheel All-nighter was playing a Rock & Roll session at the All-nighter the Ronetts certainly featured in it alongside the eternally favourite dance track - Dion's 'Run Around Sue'.

Other Dates:
23-08-69 06-12-69
Sat 12th J.J. Jackson - All-nighter
Sat 19th The Bandwagon - All-nighter
(from America)
Sat 26th
Platters - All-nighter

The platters had big hits in the early 1960's and most were played at the first Twisted Wheel. The big favourites by this time were 'Washed Ashore, 'With This Ring' and 'I love You A Thousand Times'.

Other Dates:
07-06-69 15-11-69
Sat 3rd Drifters - All-nighter
The Freddie Mack Sound - All-nighter
Sat 10th Oscar Toney Junior - All-nighter

The best 45 from Oscar was TURN ON YOUR LOVE LIGHT - Bell 1967 UK, SS2045

And he did a fair version of Joe Simons “No Sad Songs”

Sat 17th Inez and Charlie Foxx - All-nighter
Sat 24th Bob and Earl - All-nighter

Earl Lee Nelson Jnr and Bobby Garret

'Harlem Shuffle' was one if not THE apocryphal sounds of The Twisted Wheel.

First brought to our attention in Manchester at the Brazennose Street Wheel on the Sue label by Roger Eagle. Even now fifty years later that begging intro
sound sends shivers up my spine! Earl 'Jackie' Lee Nelson gave us the 'Duck' too.

Sat 31st Inez and Charlie Foxx
(back by overwhelming demand)
Sat 7th Platters - All-nighter
Sat 14th All-nighter - Records
Sat 21st Root and Jenny Jackson - All-nighter
Sat 28th
Jamo Thomas - All-nighter

The 'I SPY FOR THE FBI' man himself. Track first released on his own THOMAS Label in the States, in the UK it was on Polydor:

Other Dates:
Sat 5th
Jimmy Ruffin - All-nighter


Baby we got him! Jimmy Ruffin had many great hits and a huge following at the Wheel right from early days when we turned over his Motown vinyl – ‘What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted’ and found – ‘BABY I’VE GOT IT’


Farewell Is A Lonely Sound
BABY I'VE GOT IT - 1966 Tamla Motown
I’ve Past This way Before
I’ll Say Forever My Love
Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got
I Gotta Let You Go

Other Dates:
31-01-70 20-06-70
14-03-70 31-10-70
Sat 12th All-nighter - Records
Sat 19th
Crystals - All-nighter
Other Dates:
Sat 26th All-nighter - Records
Sat 2nd Jamo Thomas - All-nighter
Fri 8th

Major Lance - All-nighter


Finally he came, he must have been Umin’ and R – in’ about it since his ‘Um um um um um’ had been copied and made a hit in England by that bloke from Stockport – Wayne Fontana, when he still had the Mindbenders as his backing group. Appeared at the Wheel on  Saturday 16th of February in 1963.


Major Lance was a discovery and a protégé of Curtis Mayfield’s and he wrote Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um – he just moaned but it did make sense to us Wheelgoers’ we dug out the original. Then we dug ‘Rhythm’ and the ‘Monkey Time’ and guess what we had these 45’s in 1963 – o.k. - maybe 64 but long, long before some people ‘discovered’ the man in 69!




‘RHYTHM’ was simply HUGE in 1964 at the first Twisted Wheel, everyone danced to it and ‘The Monkey Time’ and sang out the lyrics too.


‘There’s a place right across town whenever your ready

Were the people gather round whenever there ready

And the music begins to play

And automatically your on your way…. Are you ready


THAT’S Rhythm


What’s that sound?

That’s Rhythm

There can be no Beat without Rhythm


Of course brilliant songs written by the equally brilliant Mr Curtis Mayfield and Major Lance was curtsies discovery and protégé.


Aint No Soul (In These Old Shoes)’


‘Hey Little Girl’

‘I’m So Lost’

‘It’s the Beat’

‘Sometimes I Wonder’

Sat 9th Crystals - All-nighter
Sat 16th Root and Jenny Jackson - All-nighter
Sat 23rd Ronettes - All-nighter
Sat 30th
Eden Rock - All-nighter
Other Dates:
Sat 6th Root and Jenny Jackson - All-nighter
Sat 13th State Express - All-nighter
Sat 20th Drifters - All-nighter
Sat 27th The Coasters - All-nighter
'Poison Ivy' and 'Yakety Yak', etc
Sat 4th Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - All-nighter

"Ain't Got No Home"
"(I Don't Know Why) But I Do"
"You Always Hurt the One You Love"

Sat 11th Marv Johnson - All-nighter
Sat 18th Ben E King - All-nighter
Sat 25th Lee Dorsey - All-nighter
Sat 1st Shirelles - All-nighter

Most if not all their 45 releases had been played frequently at the old wheel and 'Baby Its You' was still on the current Wheel Playlist. 'Soldier Boy' was also getting played... maybe due to it becoming re-discovered and very popular at the Blue Note.

Sat 8th Inez and Charlie Foxx - All-nighter
Sat 15th Platters - All-nighter
Sat 22nd

Fontella Bass - All-nighter


The lady who started off a lot of the Soul music appreciation in Manchester and the UK with her great song: ‘RESCUE ME’ on the CHESS Label in 65’. It even got into the UK top Ten. All the UK Mods loved ‘Rescue Me’ and when it was turned over the ‘B’ side was much appreciated also: ‘The SOUL of The Man’ a great Bluesy number.


Another hit at the Wheel for Fontella with Bobby McClure was ‘Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing’

Other Dates:
Sat 29th

Arthur Conley - All-nighter


What a year - so far with many great Stateside original artists appearing at the Wheel.
We went to the Blackpool Twisted Wheel in 1966 and were treated to hearing Arthur’s single: ‘Sweet Soul Music’ at least half a dozen times. In that same year we had seen him on the Otis/Stax show at the Palace theatre on Oxford Road in Manchester.
When Arthur appeared at the Whitworth Street Wheel in 69 he was a well established Soul star. His songs were frequently played over the years since their release, and we never tired of ‘Sweet Soul Music’. His ‘Shake Rattle And Roll’ was a regular on the turntables but the biggest dancing track from him was without doubt ‘Funky Street’. ‘Who’s Foolin’ Who’ was big at the nearby Blue Note Club.
Arthur was discovered by Otis Redding who co-wrote Sweet Soul Music with Arthur.

The mans great tracks popular at the Whitworth Street Wheel were -
‘Shake Rattle And Roll’
‘Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack’
‘Who’s Foolin’ Who’ – great LP Track.

Sat 6th The Ronettes - All-nighter
Sat 13th James and Bobby Purify - All-nighter
Sat 20th from left to right: King Curtis, Percy Sledge, Cornell Dupree and Jimi HendrixPercy Sledge - All-nighter


That’s King Curtis with the Sax and Cornell Dupree and Jimi Hendrix on guitars.


Of course it was ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ that made Percy famous and it was very popular at the Wheel, along with ‘It Tears Me Up’ and ‘Heart Of A Child’ which was a faster tempo. The real popular dance track at the Wheel from Percy was the wonderful: ‘ BABY HELP ME’.






Fri 26th Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon - All-nighter
Sat 27th Eden Rock - All-nighter
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