Go Now


Date: 1964
Artist: Bessie Banks
Song Writers: Milton Bassett – Larry Banks (Bessie’s husband)
Recording details: Belinda 1964
Label(s) UK: Red Bird /Soul City
USA: Tiger

Re-Released in the UK in 1968 on Soul City (105)


A recording copied and taken to number 2 in the UK hit parade in 1964 by the Moody Blues. So demolishing any chance of the original making the UK Charts. Of course it was the original that real Manchester Soul fans demanded and this song remained a firm favorite throughout the 60's decade.

On the USA Tiger Label from the recording company set up by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller and written at the famous Brille Building in New York at 1619 Broadway.

Bessie Banks was from New Orleans and her brother co wrote this fantastic  bluesy soul, song.

The aching soulful lament in 'Go Now' just about sums up what soul is all about; it comes from the heart, it has 'truth' in the lyrics made manifest by the singing from deep in the soul, describing and acting out, in that performance deep lose, hurt, a love that has to end.














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