A Change is Gonna Come


Date: 1960's
Artist: Sam Cooke
Song Writers: Sam Cooke
Recording details: Name
Label(s) UK: Name
USA: RCA Victor


Some say it was Ray Charles who begun soul music he was right there alright, others say it came out from a long string of 1950's R & B and Do Wop tracks, only heard on black radio stations in the USA. Certainly Sam Cooke's move from Gospel and church inspired music, crossing over to more popular recordings, was a major indicator of a new genre of music.

At the Manchester Twisted Wheel lots of tracks from Sam Cooke  were played: 'Another Saturday Night'
'Twisting The Night Away' 'Chain Gang' and dozens more. 

In this song Sam has no money, he is down on his knees and can't borrow a dime from family or friends, yet still has that hope that things will improve.

The song was used as an inspirational anthem for the Civil Rights movement in America.

It was also used by Barack Obama in his Presidential campaign, until the Cooke family asked him not too.


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