Girls Are Out To Get You


Date: 1960's
Artist: The Fascinations
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The Fascinations were a Curtis Mayfield discovery and he recorded them on his own MAYFIELD record label in 1967. 

Released in the UK via SOUL SUPPLY - SS 594 STATESIDE Records UK. This 45 soon became a ‘Soul Anthem’ for the Manchester Soul Mods attending the Twisted Wheel and other ‘Soul’ clubs in the city.


It became so sort after in later years that it warranted a re-release on the Sue record label.


At number 25 on our Top 500. One of the apocryphal sounds that eventually fuelled the burgeoning ‘Northern Soul’ phenomena of the 1970’s 80’s 90’s and still going strong today!


Written by Curtis Mayfield who was by this time (1967) a huge ‘star’ on the Manchester Soul scene, having written all the hits for the Impressions and also quite a few for Major Lance, and then this track by the all girl group (whom at one time had Martha reeves in the line-up) moved him even further on up in status.


The ‘B’ side of ‘GIRLS ARE OUT TO GET YOU’ was a very popular track at the Blue Note Club (just a few streets away from the Twisted Wheel) where ‘YOU’LL BE SORRY was often played when slowing things down at the end of Soul nights at the club.



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