Date: 1964
Artist: Major Lance
Song Writers: Name
Recording details: Name
Label(s) UK: Columbia


Major Lance appeared at the Twisted Wheel 8th August 1969

Finally he came, he must have been Umin’ and R – in’ about it since his ‘Um um um um um’ had been copied and made a hit in England by that bloke from Stockport – Wayne Fontana, when he still had the Mindbenders as his backing group. Appeared at the Wheel on Saturday 16th of February in 1963.
Major Lance was a discovery and a protégé of Curtis Mayfield’s and he wrote Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um – he just moaned but it did make sense to us ‘Wheelgoers’ we dug out the original. Then we dug ‘Rhythm’ and the ‘Monkey Time’ and guess what we had these 45’s in 1963 – o.k. - maybe 64 but long, long before some people ‘discovered’ the man in 69!

‘RHYTHM’ was simply HUGE in 1964 at the first Twisted Wheel, everyone danced to it and ‘The Monkey Time’ and sang out the lyrics too.
‘There’s a place right across town whenever your ready
Were the people gather round whenever there ready
And the music begins to play
And automatically your on your way…. Are you ready
THAT’S Rhythm 
What’s that sound?
That’s Rhythm
There can be no Beat without Rhythm
Of course brilliant songs written by the equally brilliant Mr Curtis Mayfield and Major Lance was curtsies discovery and protégé.

‘Aint No Soul (In These Old Shoes)’
‘Hey Little Girl’
‘I’m So Lost’
‘It’s the Beat’
‘Sometimes I Wonder’



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