The Monkey Time


Date: 1960's
Artist: Major Lance
Song Writers: Name
Recording details: Name
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Major Lance’s Monkey time is so evocative of the Mods on the dance floor at the Brazrenose Street Twisted Wheel club in Manchester in 1965.

‘The music begins to play and automatically your on your way…’

The Miracles recording of this song is equally as good as Major Lance’s but as the Miracles feature more in this top 500 and because the Major Lance track was in fact on the turntable at the ‘Wheel’ due to Roger the DJ’s preference for it as an original single release, over an LP track.

1963 was the year of its release and written by Curtis Mayfield. The Miracles probably recorded it as a link with their ‘monkey theme; on their 1963 LP ‘Doin’ Mickey’s Monkey’

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