Date: 1965
Artist: The Astors
Song Writers: Name
Recording details: Name
Label(s) UK: Black Atlantic Label
USA: Name


Spinning this disk on the turntable made the logo swirl around.


AT 4037: When we first saw this record it was on the UK black Atlantic label and looking at it swirling around the record deck with the logo moving around at 45 revolutions per minute it made your head spin too.

We soon heard it blasting out in Manchester’s Blue Note club in late 66’ where it was played by Roger Eagle; it had been sent to him by the owner of Stax records and was of course on the USA Stax label showing a blue background with an overflowing pile of Stax 45’s. It was written for the Astors by Steve Cropper and Isaac Hayes and was a ‘different’ sound than the normal chunky riff house style of Stax – more a smoother harmonising Soul sound (Tamla influenced?).


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