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But for now, here are a few questions that we have received.

Question asked by Paul H:
l am trying to find out why fox tails were popular with the Mods who rode scooters in the UK around the 1960' interested in the history behind this activity. why a fox tail ? 

Answer from Dave:
Now thatís an interesting question, I never thought about it until you asked: so that's forty years gone by!
My guess is that it started with London Mods putting Fox tails onto their aerials on the back of their Vespa's, so they had something waving about.
In Manchester it was 99% Lambreta's! With Fox tails on the aerials - of course.
Then the fox tails moved onto Parka hoods and also around the V-tail edges. I went a bit further, as I had my grandmothers Fox stole sewn onto the shoulders of my own Parka: with legs and the Fox face with its glass eyes staring out over one shoulder!