The bulldozers are coming for the 'Wheel'


What's the story - it's about the city council again closing off our history, like turning the Free Trade Hall, an icon of the city's music heritage, into a hotel!

Now they do the same with the site of The TWISTED WHEEL.

Read about it in the guardian

Why would the city of Manchester council agree to demolish such an iconic place of music history? Its always about some hidden agenda benefiting a few...

Why can't a new building such as the new hotel incorporate the Twisted Wheel club as part of its foundations? Why does it have to be destroyed? Its a tourist attraction and also a historical monument that actually gave birth to a style of American Music, less appreciated (at the time) in its home country - but now gathering great interest and momentum: NORTHERN SOUL.

I went to both the old and new 'Wheels' frequently and I knew Roger Eagle who did indeed start off the appreciation of Blues and Soul in Manchester and beyond. Roger had a less favourable time at the second 'Wheel' in Whitworth Street due to the fact that the Adabi brothers (owners of the club) were treating him very unfairly; they knew next to nothing about the music and it was Roger's influence entirely that made them profit from a very successful club whilst paying him a pittance. Roger never lost interest in Soul music he went on to DJ at the Blue Note club and he had an amazing collection of records that went with him.

The other DJs that followed Roger were also very influential and should be credited, however by the time of the second 'Wheel' it was the young people of the city that began to know more about the music and the artists than the DJs themselves and very often it was the clubs clientele that brought in 45s to be played at the club: it became a bit of a participatory event. Droves of people in Manchester loved Soul music it goes on through Simple Red to 'M' people and to today.

The club had some if not all of the best American soul artists perform at the Whitworth Street Club (far more Soul artists than at the Brazennose Street club:

See my list complied of all the acts that played at the Twisted Wheel.  - click through to 66 and beyond - the Whitworth St years - AMAZING!

  • Yes there was amphetamine abuse but it was all in the interests of dancing all night, not just for stupid addictive drug taking, nothing like what has become endemic in most all youth of today, at the Wheel it was ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.
  • The club is an ICON of Manchester's contribution and continued tradition of love of American Soul Music.
  • The Youth of the City supported the American Civil Rights due to their love and appreciation of Black American Music - the city of Manchester should be proud of that FACT alone!
  • Name the Councillors who agree to this - what’s their benefit?
  • I think that a great many people in the city will be outraged by the news of such a city icon being demolished, such news does not reach them as there is little publicity about planning issues that certain councillors PUSH through!
  • I can predict that when its gone, in years to come that they will have to re-build it nearby just like what happened to the Cavern in Liverpool.

I wrote the book about the Twisted Wheel you can see it on this site.




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