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Northern Soul

Yes, Manchester is where Northern Soul began.

The original Soulies were Mods, they loved Tamla Motown, Stax, Atlantic Records, Stateside, Sue; American black music and American soul music in particular and the most important DJ of the Soul scene was Roger Eagle, he was the ‘originator’. The Most important Club was The Twisted Wheel and the most important Town was Manchester, and the most important period was 1965 to 1967. This was the golden soul period before the term Northern Soul was invented.

This website; Manchester Soul charts the history, tells the story, puts the facts straight, about the genesis of Northern Soul.
Northern Soul is a wonderful and dynamic music scene today with key DJ’s and other fans who have unearthed and supported a vast collection of great music in the soul genre. Without their efforts, and the great music itself, it would have gone entirely unnoticed by mainstream music historians.

However to get the facts straight; ‘Northern Soul’ began in Manchester in 1965 at the Twisted Wheel club and it was the DJ there that set off something that has never stopped.

This website charts this history; the importance of Manchester is a key factor in soul music history. The fact is that several years before the term Northern Soul was coined by Dave Godin on a visit to the Twisted Wheel in 1971, writing for Blues and Soul magazine. A vibrant blossoming of everything soul had pre-existed before the time Dave visited the city in 71’. Those heady active days were the ‘wellspring’ of all that followed and had already flowered and produced seeds. Reproduction is what we have today Northern Soul was seeded in Manchester in the mid 1960’s and this website will put the history right.

A good starting point is also the book about the Twisted Wheel: Central 1179

It tells the ‘factual’ story of the Wheel, and the book; The Manchester Wheelers, ‘tells it like it was’ as a novel. It was about the MUSIC, a book that tells it like it really was.