STAX records were featured heavily at the Twisted Wheel. It was probably kicked off by ‘Green Onions’ and ‘Last Night’ two distinctive instrumental hits of the early 1960’s.

The ‘Wheel’ DJ Roger Eagle was a huge fan of all things STAX and by 1965 had begun to import releases from the USA, whilst the club goers could only obtain UK releases on the Atlantic label before STAX got a direct release in their own right; that magical blue circle with a pile of singles at the top.

When Roger moved to the Manchester Blue Note Club in September 1966 he stepped up all things STAX and the club began to become renowned as the best place to hear the STAX sound for example few clubs played Albert King singles, but Albert was a big hit at the Blue Note. The STAX tradition was kept up by the clubs subsequent DJ’s and again it was the only place that played; ‘Blues In The Night’ by Johnnie Taylor, ‘Happy’ by William Bell, ‘So I Can Love You’ by the Emotions and many, many more.



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