Blues at the Wheel

In 63 and 64 the Twisted Wheel was the place for blues.
The UK had a blues explosion in 1963 with visiting American artists
appearing at the Cities Free Trade Hall and at the Twisted Wheel. This
inspired many musicians singers and groups to adopt a blues style.
Single handed it was Alexis Korner who got many artists and their music
heard in England.
Alexis started his own blues club after leaving the Chris Barber Band,
another band member joined him: Cyril Davies. They originally met at the
Round House in London.
Wheel DJ Roger Eagle had been playing blues since his first day at the club
(63) and booked Alexis and later Cyril Davies's Blues Incorporated to appear
at the Wheel. Unfortunately the day before their appearance at the Wheel
Cyril died (of Leukaemia aged 31)and it was Long John Baldrey, Cyril's group
co-singer, who took over; doing a six hour set at the club. Later Alexis was
booked in as a resident group at the Wheel.
It was only at the Wheel where you could hear all the great releases, LP
tracks and back catalogue releases of American Blues and other associated
discs and of course all the UK blues groups including the Stones, the
Animals, Manfred Mann and many more.

Here are sample's of what we listened to at the club in those days gone by.

  Sample's 1  

  Sample's 2  

  Sample's 3  


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Alexis Korner
Cyril Davies