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All things about the Twisted Wheel club in Manchester in the 1960’s

This website has been put together by real Wheelers who really did go to both Twisted Wheel clubs. A factual historical record of an underground music scene that evolved out of the Mods of the early sixties: fashionable and elitist.

Manchester England was where kids loved black American music and began to collect the original 45 singles from the original artists, often after or concurrently when we heard the songs done by local U.K artists and groups. The Wheels D.J. Roger Eagle was a knowledgeable Blues, R&B and Soul music pathfinder and he introduced Mancunian Mods deeper into Stateside originality. The atmosphere and the scene at the Wheel was all about the arrogant and elitist Mods and their fashions, their Lambrettas and especially their appreciation of Black American music.

The Wheel Soul Mods were the Manchester ‘In Crowd’ clique that carried the tradition from the first Wheel over to the second location for the club, near to Piccadilly Railway Station. Most of the clubs clientele were very smartly dressed and the mixture of great sounds, made an intoxicating atmosphere that had little or nothing to do with the clubs management. It was a genuine grass root movement of style, attitude, record collecting taken to obsession levels, weekly All-night dancing: essentials were good shoes and a fist full of Green & Clear’s.

Carefully pieced together from research and personal memories of the original Manchester Soul Mods this

website provides information about the Twisted Wheel in all aspects from personal memories to our Soulbot database that lists practically every record played at the Wheel in the sixties. Here you will find listings of all the live acts that appeared at the Brazennose and Whitworth Street Twisted Wheels.

And information about a Novel that tells it like it was and captures the ‘feel’ of those times that generated a music phenomena that carries on today all over the world!

The roots and beginnings of what came to be now known as ‘Northern Soul’ featuring the more uptempo sounds of Soul all began here in Manchester at the Twisted Wheel.

Providing also, links to all the other good Wheel sites on the Internet.


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