Twisted Wheel DJ's

Brian Rae ; photographed items artists for Roger Eagles magazine R&B Scene

Geoff Mullin Pop: Beatles Stones etc

Pete Van Dort

Roger Eagle

Black American Music Period: Blues Ska Surf and Soul MOD Soul UK groups etc he also played the original of rock and roll the black artists who the others copied… ie

Neil Carter

Roger Fairhurst

(mates of Rogers) Rn B and soul fans…

J Cohen

Bobby Derbyshire

Barry Turner

Brian Rae

Paul Davis 1968 - Quintessential Soul Period

Brian Phillips N/Soul period 69/70

Phil Saxe (mate of Paul Davis)

Les Cockell 70 - N/Soul


Brian Walker


A full list of the Twisted Wheel DJ's see:

Ivor Abadi’s - WHEEL WEBSITE