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The very first science fiction book I read was War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. I was immediately hooked on the genre and off I went to the local library where I couldn’t find a Science Fiction section; this was Manchester 1958 and everything in the local library was found from knowledge of the Dewy decimal system with numbers relating to authors but my problem was that I had no idea who were the Science Fiction authors!
Asking the librarian was not much use; she looked at me down the glasses poised on the end of her nose as if I was a mutant from another galaxy and said ‘why don’t you read the classics instead of that kind of rubbish’?

Science Fiction became my kind of rubbish ever since. Don’t people like that make you want to prove them wrong? Eventually I found out that the publishers GOLLANCZ were printing lots of Science Fiction novels and even if the library had no section or classification for them, they did have one distinct advantage; they were in bright yellow covers and could easily be located by their jackets, as often I had no clue to find them by title or author in those, now, far off days. So my method in the library was to seek out all yellow books.


Thank You Mr Gollancz!


And guess what Science Fiction these days has a section in the library and better still one author has been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, yes a Science Fiction author! Doris Lessing. Her book called Shikasta probably stopped her getting this prize sooner as Science Fiction is still not regarded as good literature by the ‘hoy palloy’.  


The following books are in no particular order they are all a great and worthwhile read. 

Also I have included some films, TV shows and other related items.

An Effect of Science Fiction?

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